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Babies sleep upwards of 10 to 20 hours per day, and this time is significant for their development, which is why the mattresses that they sleep on matter.

Traditional mattresses are made with polyurethane foam (which comes from petroleum) and are often soaked or sprayed with toxic fire retardants, such as formaldehyde or benzene. Crib mattresses are often coated in vinyl, which is waterproof but contains chemical plasticizers that leach and can be inhaled.

Because babies under two years of age are particularly vulnerable to environmental toxins, reducing chemical exposure and prioritizing a mattress with natural ingredients is essential. While there are a lot of organic crib mattress brands on the market—from niche organic cotton crib mattress brands to affordable organic crib mattress lines from larger manufacturers—here are nine sustainable brands making the best nontoxic crib mattresses for your little ones.

While you’re on the hunt for the best crib mattress, don’t forget to get a nontoxic crib! (We’ve got also you covered for organic crib sheets for your new organic baby mattress.) Need your own mattress upgrade? Head here for our guide to the best affordable eco-friendly mattresses.

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1. Avocado

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic cotton, organic latex, organic wool
Sizes | Dual-sided crib mattress, kids, twin
Ships To
| US
Price | Starts at $349

Avocado, a leading name in the mattress industry, has created some of the most organic, sustainable, and well-crafted crib mattresses around. These baby beds are handmade at a GOTS and GOLS organic certified factory in Los Angeles with safe and natural materials—including organic cotton, wool, and latex. Avocado’s mattress is number one on our list for its organic ingredients and comfort. (I’ve literally napped on my daughter’s crib mattress because it’s that dreamy.) It’s also dual-sided for two levels of firmness to transition from baby to toddler stage. With a 25-year warranty, a 30-night trial, and a range of price points, this B Corp touts the very best.

Avocado Review | “Love that it’s non toxic and it’s so comfortable. Probably more comfortable than my bed. The fabric is so soft and the quality is great. Smells fresh too!”—Melissa T., verified buyer (Read more reviews)

2. Naturepedic

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic cotton, sugarcane PLA fibers
Sizes | Baby, mini, oval, twin
Ships To
| Contiguous US & Canada
Price | Starts at $399

Naturepedic offers not one, not two, but three crib mattresses for your little one. Yet regardless of which you choose, they’re all 100 percent organic and waterproof. The waterproofing element is made from food-grade polyethylene that still meets fire safety and food contact standards. For maximum safety, Naturepedic’s mattresses are GOTS, MADE SAFE, and GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Enjoy a lifetime limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Naturepedic Review | “My daughter loves sleeping in her crib and I think the mattress has everything to do with it. The outer covering is very easy to wash and put back on.“—Janelle, verified buyer

3. Saatva

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic cotton, natural latex, eucalyptus fibers, recycled steel coils
Sizes | Dual-sided crib mattress, kids, twin
Ships To
| Contiguous US
Price | $345

Saatva is a leading disruptor in the mattress industry. All of Saatva’s products are made with plant-based materials and crafted in the USA. The Saatva Crib Mattress is essentially two beds in one, with one side focused on double-firm support for babies and the other with firm support for toddlers. Plus, the mattress is GREENGUARD GOLD, Cradle-To-Cradle, and OEKO-TEX certified, and treated with a water-repellent finish.

Saatva Review | “My husband and I shopped around for awhile for a crib mattress, which was a very daunting task—lots of options out there to set doubt in your mind about which is best for your child. Based on what to look for in our research we found that this was the best option!”—Lauren, verified reviewer (Read more reviews)

4. Brentwood Home

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic cotton
Sizes | Dual-sided crib mattress, kids, twin
Ships To
| US
Price | $349

Brentwood Home’s waterproof crib mattress is designed for worry-free sleep. The recyclable PETE core is 90 percent air for breathability, includes two sides for babies and toddlers, and has an organic waterproof liner and removable cover. (The team has truly thought of it all!) Brentwood’s baby and kids’ mattresses are GREENGUARD GOLD certified, climate-neutral, and vegan—so it’s as safe for the planet as it is for your bundle of love.

Brentwood Home Review | “Couldn’t be happier with it! Makes me feel so much better knowing my child isn’t breathing in harmful chemicals from the old mattress and sleeping comfortably now.”—Kimberly C., verified buyer (Read more reviews)

5. Newton Baby

Natural & Nontoxic | Viscose cover
Sizes | Standard, mini, twin
Ships To
| US
Price | Starts at $250

Newton Baby’s innovative mattress minimizes the risk of suffocation as it’s made from 90 percent free air and 10 percent food-grade polymer. The core is wrapped in a removable and washable cover that is easy to clean—100 percent washable from cover to core. With a dual firmness bedding option, Newton Baby’s organic mattress is latex, glue, and allergen-free, as well as 100 percent recyclable. Choose from three styles (essential, original, or waterproof), two sizes, and four pastel colors.

Newton Baby Review | “Our son was in the NICU for 84 days and came home on oxygen for a few weeks. His breathing was our #1 concern and now with this mattress, we don’t even have to worry.”—Kelsey M., verified buyer

6. Colgate

Natural & Nontoxic | Natural cotton, eco-friendly foam
Sizes | Crib mattress, mini, bassinet
Ships To
| US
Price | Starts at $130

Colgate’s mattresses are as affordable as they are accessible, found at chains like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. With various options, you can choose from the natural cotton crib mattresses or the foam mattresses made from plant oils and eco-friendly materials. Colgate mattresses are made in the USA, CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and water- and tear-resistant (and some are baby/toddler adaptable, too). These baby mattresses check all the boxes.

Colgate Review | “We received the mattress and were able to put it in the crib right away. The mattress is really firm and will hold up very well…The extra money is worth it!”—Britney, verified purchaser

7. Nest Bedding

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic cotton, wool, & latex
Sizes | Crib mattress, kids, twin
Ships To
| US & Canada
Price | $700

For the sweetest (and safest) dreams, Nest Bedding’s organic crib Stork mattress is the way to go. The latex, cotton, and wool used in Nest’s mattresses are GOTS, GOLS, and GREENGUARD GOLD certified—and production takes place at an eco-factory in northern California. Nest also offers oval-sized crib mattresses upon request, so your child can enjoy the best wherever they rest. While the price is a bit higher than most, you can sign up for zero percent APR budget-friendly financing.

Nest Bedding Review | “My little girl [loves] going to bed. She literally cannot wait to go to sleep on her Nest Bedding crib mattress at night…It has been great for her as she sleeps a little hot. Amazing product and we couldn’t be happier.”—Chris (Read more reviews)

8. Lullaby Earth

Natural & Nontoxic | Polyurethane-free foam
Sizes | Dual-sided crib mattress
Ships To
| US
Price | $179

Lullaby Earth’s dual-stage mattress will have your baby sleeping soundly for years to come. Its lightweight core is made with 50 percent foam, and the waterproof surface is made with food-grade polyethylene (both of which are entirely recyclable!). It’s both MADE SAFE and GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and crafted without flame retardants, toxic chemicals, polyurethane foam, and more. Safe, sustainable, and stylish enough for any nursery or bedroom.

Lullaby Earth Review | “I have 4 kids, and this mattress is better than any cheap one we have tried. It’s comfortable, holds its shape, and fits great in the crib or toddler bed. Don’t hesitate- the customer service is excellent too!”—jenn4kids, Target review

9. Naturalmat

Natural & Nontoxic | Organic wool, coir, natural cotton, rubber latex, or mohair
Sizes | Crib, Stokke Sleepi, twin
Ships To
| US, Canada, & the UK
Price | Starts at $597

Naturalmat (the USA offshoot of the UK brand) knows just how important a good night’s rest is. That’s why these safe-to-sleep mattresses are made only with natural materials, including coir from coconuts, rubber latex, and organic wool (which helps to regulate temperature!). Entirely chemical free, these crib mattresses come with washable cotton covers, a hypoallergenic treatment, and a five-year guarantee.

Naturalmat Review | “It’s very comfortable…provides warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. It definitely stands out amongst the rest and I think it is good value for the money.”—Candace Sharp, Mother&Baby