The Benefits Of Having A Sauna At Home

We have the Finnish to thank for developing saunas over 2,000 years ago. The enclosed rooms found in gyms and wellness spas are heated up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius), providing a relaxing environment for our minds and bodies. Saunas have physical health benefits, too; the heated environment is perfect for detoxing our skin and boosting blood circulation. We love the ritual of sitting and soaking in the heat so much that we’ve started browsing personal saunas we can use at home.

Before we buy, though, here’s a little sauna primer: There are two types of saunas—Infrared and Traditional (sometimes called a dry sauna). Traditional or dry saunas heat the air first, often with a wood-burning stove or fire pit with rocks laid over the top. Eventually, the high heat and humidity put off steam, hence the “fog” you often see in Turkish baths and spas.

Infrared saunas use infrared rays rather than steam to penetrate the skin. There have been concerns about electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure with infrared saunas, but many models nowadays offer EMF-blocking or low-EMF options to alleviate these fears. There are two main types of infrared saunas: far infrared and near infrared. Far infrared focuses on detox and circulation, while near infrared benefits our cellular health and alleviates pain going deep into the skin.

Overall, infrared saunas are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and modern, whereas traditional saunas offer a natural experience. The heat varies too—traditional saunas can reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius) while infrared saunas only go up to 140 degrees (60 degrees Celsius), though they warm up much faster.

When browsing for your own home sauna, compare the models available based on their heater (wood or electric), the kilowatts used (if electric), and the size you’ll need to warm up to get a more accurate estimate for your electricity use and associated cost.

As for the upfront cost, while a home sauna is an investment, most of the brands below offer payment plans, free shipping, and extensive warranties. We also love the idea of DIYing an entire sauna on your own!

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1. Higher Dose

Company Based In | New York, NY Sauna Features | Blanket & full-spectrum sauna available, far infrared rays, low EMF, non-VOC materials, waterproof, melt-proof, & fireproof, one-year warranty Price Range | $599; monthly payment plans available

Get a dose of relaxation wherever you are with Higher Dose’s Infrared Sauna Blanket. Turning the sauna experience into a portable blanket, this can be brought with you on the road or stored away in your home. The blanket is waterproof, melt-proof, and fireproof, with a low EMF and even lower frequency currents. Underneath the leather is a far infrared heat technology, charcoal, clay layers, and a medical-grade magnetic strip for the best detox. Higher Dose currently ships to North America and Europe, aiming to ship out globally next year. (The brand also touts a full-spectrum sauna fitting up to three people, if you prefer that instead.)

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2. Sauna Space

Company Based In | Columbia, MO Sauna Features | Two full-spectrum saunas, sustainable & organic materials, portable enclosures, disability-friendly, grounding mat & stool, EMF-blocking shield, 10-year warranty & repair program Price Range | $3,000–$5,500 & free shipping on orders over $200; monthly payment plans available

Brian Richards launched Sauna Space after seeing how impactful it could be for our health. Today, this Missouri-based company creates its impressive saunas by hand, offering employees on-the-job training, living wages, and employer-paid healthcare. Each sauna is made sustainably, using responsibly harvested basswood, stainless steel, organic bamboo, canvas, and cotton. We love that it can be set up in minutes without a single tool and that it’s big enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Choose from two models: The Luminati or the Faraday; the latter comes with an EMF-blocking shield to block our cell signals, Wi-Fi, and radio frequencies.

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3. Influence Sauna

Company Based In | Southern California Sauna Features | Three full-spectrum saunas, FSC-certified wood, low EMF, non-toxic heaters, reaches up to 170 degrees, 10-year warranty Price Range | $5,595–$7,095; monthly payment plans available

Robyn Openshaw, a health researcher and author, teamed up with Finnmark Designs to create Influence Sauna. Finnmark has been developing saunas for nearly half a century, with high-quality, non-toxic, and responsibly sourced materials like Canadian red cedar. (The Influence team also participates in third-party tests and certifications to back the products up!) There are three full-spectrum models here, ranging from the Hybrid sauna for two people to the Influence 3-4 model for up to four folks at once. No matter which you pick, Influence saunas can reach up to 170 degrees (safely!) using just your standard outlet.

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4. Golden Designs

Company Based In | Ontario, CA Sauna Features | 20+ models, full-spectrum, far infrared, and near infrared saunas, low EMF options, responsibly sourced wood, additional functions such as radio and bluetooth connection Price Range | $2,495–$7,999

Golden Designs has multiple sauna options, from full-spectrum saunas with Himalayan salt bars to near-zero EMF saunas with a six-person capacity. They’re also cleverly designed to be an oasis, with radio, DVD player, and Bluetooth connections. Using natural wood, tempered glass doors, and carbon heat emitters, these saunas will become a mainstay in your home. Best of all, you can conveniently find Golden Designs’ saunas at Costco, Wayfair, and other big-brand stores. Golden Designs accepts several payment methods, including Google and Apple Pay, Venmo, and American Express.

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5. Redwood Outdoors

Company Based In | Tukwila, WA Sauna Features | 10+ outdoor sauna models, responsibly sourced materials, ETL certified sauna heaters, customizable add-ons, reaches up to 195 degrees, one-year warranty Price Range | $5,499–$8,999 & fixed shipping costs; monthly payment plans available

Rather than opting for the best gadgets and tech features, Redwood Outdoors wants its outdoor saunas to bring you closer to nature. These natural wood saunas use thermowood, red cedar, and spruce for barrel- and cube-shaped spaces to disconnect and reset. (Some even come with wood stoves!) Choose from 6kW- or 8kW-powered heaters and customizable add-ons, including shingles, flooring, recliners, outdoor showers, or a cold plunge tub. Easy to DIY, ships across the US, and with a one-year warranty, you can enjoy the benefits of a good heat session anywhere across the country.

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6. RENU Therapy

Company Based In | Santa Ana, CA Sauna Features | Indoor & outdoor sauna models, cold plunge tanks, responsibly sourced materials, reaches up to 195 degrees Price Range | $4,900–$9,600 & free shipping within the contiguous US; monthly payment plans available

RENU Therapy is best known for its cold plunge tanks and baths, but the brand has also expanded into indoor and outdoor saunas. Designed to combine the sauna and cold plunger, these models are great for enjoying rest and building endurance. RENU’s checkout process lets you pick from three cedar woods, up to 8kW heaters, and four doors (all glass to all wood, with varying opacities). Once it arrives, assembly requires just two people, a few hours, and one cordless drill⁠—how easy is that?

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7. BZB Cabins

Company Based In | Garfield, NJ Sauna Features | DIY kits, installation options included, 30 outdoor sauna models, wood burning or electric heaters, customizable add-ons, five-year warranty Price Range | $5,850–$25,900 & free shipping

Prefer to DIY your own dream sauna? BZB Cabins makes that easy, with dozens of complete kits to consider for outdoor models. (The BZB team is available via phone for support with assembly.) Whether you prefer more traditional wood saunas with a wood-burning heater or a more luxury, streamlined sauna with an electric heater, BZB has them all ready to be delivered in just a few weeks. You can also add on headrests, organic oils, and a cold plunge tub if desired. BZB has a helpful buyer’s guide to understand everything from assembly to acquiring building permits.

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8. Effe

Company Based In | Cesena, Italy Sauna Features | 10+ sauna models, hammam addition, recyclable materials, energy saver functions, warranties & extended protection available Price Range | Inquire for pricing

Inspired by Turkish hammams and European spas, Effe builds beautiful, airy, and sleek saunas for the modern home. They’re all built with 100 percent recyclable materials and equipped with sustainable functions like “energy saving” to minimize waste. You can also purchase a sauna and hammam combo for the ultimate in relaxation. Our favorite models include the Air with various seating levels, the Bio-Sauna for additional sustainability, and the Yuku for its gorgeous design. Luxury at its finest.

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9. Heartwood Saunas

Company Based In | Snowdonia, Wales Sauna Features | Six sauna models & bespoke options, FSC-certified sustainable wood, reaches up to 80 Celsius (175 Fahrenheit), five-year warranties Price Range | £17,000–£50,000 & VAT; payment plans available

Heartwood Saunas makes every sauna by hand in the heart of Wales, taking inspiration from nearby landscapes and mountains. With a design focus on outdoor views and quality, these saunas are specially designed to withstand the elements for decades to come⁠—including a galvanized steel base and FSC-certified timber (sourced from a nearby 700-acre organic forest!). Don’t see a model you like? Heartwood also builds bespoke saunas made to your exact specifications, down to the glazing finish. When you’re ready to order, you’ll pay 10 percent upfront, 50 percent around build-time, and then the remaining balance once everything’s delivered and set up. Create the relaxation station of your dreams.

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