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Hoping to redecorate soon? We’d like to humbly suggest looking into jute rugs and runners for your home! Jute comes from a plant and can easily be transformed into durable, long-lasting fibers, making it completely eco-friendly. And, jute rugs are the ideal accents to bring warmth and texture to any space.

We’ve found 9 brands offering jute doormats, area rugs, and round rugs for every inch of your abode. Nearly all are fair trade and artisan-made using time-honored techniques. Not only will your space look new, but you’ll also have a story worth sharing.

Jute not your style? Here’s our main guide to nontoxic rugs to consider!

1. CICIL Home

Made In | USA
Ethics | All natural renewable materials, low impact, no dyes or additives, small-batch made, traceable
Styles & Sizes | Doormats, area rugs, runners, round & curved rugs; sizing up to 14’, custom sizing available
Price Range | $169–$6,216

CICIL Home takes textile making to a new level by sourcing and manufacturing all its eco-friendly rugs on the American East Coast and Carolina’s. Small batch wool fibers from New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania are collected and carefully cleaned before being sent over to their final processing facility in North Carolina to be made into beautiful and uniquely shaped area rugs. The fibers are braided with jute (sourced from deadstock) for durability so you know your rug will last you a lifetime!

2. The Citizenry

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made, 2x fair trade wages
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs, runners, round rugs; sizing up to 14’
Price Range | $139–$1599

The Citizenry offers some of the most stunning home goods that are ethically and sustainably made by artisans around the globe. Its line of jute rugs is available in varying sizes and styles, all by Indian artisans who are paid twice the fair trade wage. You can ‘meet’ your rug’s makers prior to purchasing, too via the artisan profile!

3. Leah Singh

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made, AZO-free dyes, GoodWeave certified
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs & runners; sizing up to 6’
Price Range | $260–$490

Leah Singh designs handicrafts in her New Delhi studio and then teams up with artisans across India’s villages to make them come to life. The artisans use centuries-old techniques like embroidery, weaving, and printing so the craft can be passed down. The jute rugs are made with natural materials and dyes, and we’re eyeing the modern patterns and eclectic runners.

4. West Elm

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs, runners, round rugs; sizing up to 12’
Price Range | $39–$1,099

West Elm embodies our dream aesthetic and we love how committed the company is to sustainably and artisan-made home goods, too. The jute rugs are artisan-made in India in safe working conditions, using only natural fibers. Find everything from doormats to round rugs here, with sizing up to 12 feet and plenty of contemporary patterns.

5. Armadillo

Made In | India
Ethics | Certified B Corp, natural fibers, fair trade, gives back
Styles & Sizes | Doormats, area rugs, runners; sizing up to 4.2m (14’)
Price Range | $170–$4,400

Armadillo was the first-ever Australian rug brand to become a certified B Corp! Its eye for design only parallels its dedication to quality and sustainability. The stunning jute rugs come in various unique colors, like Aubergine purple and Russet orange, with dozens of styles and sizes to choose from. All are made under fair trade working conditions, too. Add some pizzazz to your home!

6. Enkay

Made In | India
Ethics | Handmade, artisan-crafted, responsibly sourced raw & eco-friendly materials
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs & runners; sizing up to 14’
Price Range | $398–$2,298

Enkay is founded on quality craftsmanship and direct from artisan methods. Its founder Asha Chaudhary built Enkay based on her father’s business model that creates a direct link between maker and market, allowing for higher wages and healthcare for artisans and their villages. You can’t go wrong with an Enkay jute rug, as they are crafted to last with durable fibers that are chosen by hand and spun using time-tested methods.

7. Revival

Made In | India
Ethics | Eco-conscious materials, handwoven, artisan-made, small-batch dyed
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs, runners, round rugs; sizing up to 16’
Price Range | $99–$1,918

For dazzling jute rugs that come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures and that won’t break the bank, look no further than Revival. These rugs are easy to clean, and are low-shed allowing you to keep your space clean without any extra effort! If you’re not sure which rug suits your space best, try Revival’s handy rug finder quiz to find your perfect match. 

8. Milk & Sugar

Made In | India
Ethics | Handmade to ISO standards, Fair Trade standards
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs; sizing up to 3.5m (11’)
Price Range | $599–$1,249 AUD

Compliment the natural aesthetic of your home with a jute rug from Milk & Sugar. This Australian brand offers simplistic rug designs made with natural materials that are intentionally designed to compliment and bring warmth to the interior of your home. Besides feeling soft beneath your feet, Milk & Sugar’s jute rugs are handmade with Fair Trade standards keeping it sustainable.

9. Jord Home

Made In | India
Ethics | Renewable & sustainable natural fibers, handwoven
Styles & Sizes | Doormats, area rugs, runners; sizing up to 245cm (8’)
Price Range | $45–$573

Jord Home crafts the perfect rugs to create your dream home environment that’s uplifting and comforting. Their natural rugs are handwoven with 100% natural jute and are available with either rounded or square edges, so you have plenty of options. These versatile and reversible rugs have us swooning!

Featured image from CICIL Home