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Over the span of a lifetime, people with periods will throw away hundreds of pounds of menstrual products. Today, though, there are sustainable tampon and pad alternatives, particularly period cups and menstrual discs, that we can use (and reuse) instead.

Unsure of the difference between cups and discs? A menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal below the cervix, while most discs fit into the fornix (where the canal and cervix meet). While the menstrual disc can be single-use (though we’ve found reusable options!), it typically holds more fluids, thereby reducing the need for other products by 60 percent. Both come with an array of sizes and shapes, but all are easy to insert, remove, and clean—a true win-win.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to use these products? Check out our editor’s experience with using a menstrual cup for the first time! If you’re not ready to start with menstrual cups, head over to our roundup of the best period underwear, reusable menstrual pads, or our organic tampons guide.

1. Saalt

Best For | Options for sensitive bladders & cervixes
Where to Buy | CVS, Target, Thrive Market
Price | $33

Saalt, a certified B Corp, offers an exclusive line of menstrual cups, including ones for sensitive bladders. They’re super-soft, flexible, and gentle and can hold up to four tampons’ worth of fluids for up 12 hours. They age well too; Saalt has tested its cups and found that, after 10+ years, they remain as soft and functional as first use. Made in the USA but available worldwide.

What Customers Are Saying | “The softer silicone is truly perfect for someone that is prone to cramps. I’m also really happy to support a company that is a certified B Corp, uses minimal packaging, and actively works towards achieving period equality.”

2. Flex

Best For | Offers subscription services
Where to Buy | CVS, Target, Walmart
Price | $12–$35

Flex is committed to choice and freedom: the company offers reusable menstrual cups in two sizes (made with an adjustable pull tab for less mess!) and single-use discs that last longer than other period alternatives. Best of all, the disc starter kit offers the option to refill your supply on a recurring basis. We find it’s optimal for those living with endometriosis, PCOS, or suffering from heavier periods.

What Customers Are Saying | “My period ruled my life… I used to plan my life around it. The Flex Cup was a game changer. Now I forget that I’m on my period!”

3. Cora

Best For | 10-year lifespan
Where to Buy | CVS, Target, Walgreens
Price | $30

Cora, a fearless leader in the menstrual care space, has done it again with this beloved menstrual cup that can last for up to a decade! Engineered with an intuitive finger indent for easy placement and a tapered, textured base for easier removal, the brand has options available for every kind of size, flow, and anatomy. Plus, Cora gives back by providing menstrual needs to girls in India, Kenya, and the US. Cleverly designed, this cup makes a social and sustainable impact.

What Customers Are Saying | “It’s so easy to use because of the grip and lasts for much of the day, even during the heaviest part of my cycle.”

4. Diva Cup

Best For | Sizes available for teens
Where to Buy | Target, Period Shop
Price | $35

For almost two decades, Diva Cup has made periods easier with its effective and easy-to-use cup. We love this company for its inclusive sizes for teens through those who’ve given vaginal birth. As a certified B Corp that prioritizes people, profit, and the planet, this brand boasts the perfect tampon and pad alternative. (And it’s one of the only brands with a plant-based cleanser to wash your cup.)

What Customers Are Saying | “Such a cost-efficient solution to a problem we can’t avoid, and the best part is I can’t even feel it.”

5. rhythm

Best For | Period wellness products
Where to Buy | Online
Price | $28

Say hello to the newest period care brand! Launched in fall 2022, rhythm is taking an innovative and holistic approach to menstrual care by offering customers period wellness supplements in addition to a line of elevated cups and discs. Our editors especially love the Belly Bestie probiotic to maintain a healthy gut and immune system while balancing vaginal pH levels. Best yet, every purchase gives back to organizations providing women’s focused services.

What Our Editors Are Saying | “These cups of soft and comfortable, offering a more luxurious and elevated period experience! ”

Featured image is from rhythm