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Our team has researched dozens of organic multivitamins for kids — these our picks with the highest quality ingredients. (Oh, and our kids love them too!)

As I reminisce about my youth, I fondly remember a diet filled with…well, junk. Candy, pizza rolls, and soda made up a large contingent of my everyday intake. And while delicious, these foods left a lot to be desired when it came to nutrients. That’s why a quality multivitamin can be especially useful for children — they help fill in the nutritional gaps their everyday diets may miss to keep our kids growing healthy and with strong immune systems.

Most multivitamins contain a mix of calcium, vitamins A–E, magnesium, biotin, calcium, and more, all of which are necessary for healthy developmental growth. (One important note: While iron deficiency can become an issue, most young children receive adequate amounts of iron in their daily diet. Too much iron, in a supplement or otherwise, can lead to iron poisoning which is why many multivitamins forgo iron altogether and why watching your little one’s iron levels is key.) Of course, trying to get your kiddos to eat a multivitamin may be easier said than done — some capsules may feel hard to swallow, many chewables have a chalky aftertaste, and the alternative is often gummies overloaded with sugar and stickiness. Or, you might have trouble finding a vitamin made with vegan and vegetarian diets in mind. We’ve included all of these considerations in our final selections, read on for our criteria.

Our team has tested and researched dozens of kids’ multivitamins and scoured thousands of customer reviews to find five organic multivitamin brands for children that are vegan or vegetarian, formulated without any added or unnatural sugar, and are easy to take. (And as a precaution, we’ve noted the options below that do include iron.)

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS | Each of these children’s multivitamins are made with natural and organic ingredients — and are free of additives, dyes, synthetics, and allergens making them safe and beneficial for your kiddos.
  • LOW OR NO SUGAR | It’s easy to overdo it with sugar and the last thing we want is our kids’ multivitamins to have sugar, too. We’ve ensured each of these multivitamins contains no or very low amounts of sugar.
  • TASTE & EASY TO SWALLOW | Multivitamins that taste good and are easy to swallow help our children to get their daily dose of nutrients without any fuss. We’ve researched and can confirm each of these multivitamins tastes great. 👍

With their daily vitamins in check, we can rest easy knowing our children’s nutrition needs are well covered. Here’s to our children’s health and wellbeing!

1. Hiya

American made
Budget friendly
Plastic/Pfas free

Best For | Multiple children or picky eaters
Features | Chewable, 15 essential vitamins (no iron), vegan, no sugar, GMOs, dairy, or gluten, refillable glass bottle, sticker pack bonus
Price | $30 for 30-day subscription

Most children’s vitamins have sugar to thank for their sweet taste — but not Hiya. Hiya’s Kids Multivitamin is made with monk fruit, a zero-calorie sweetener, so your kids can get their vitamins and nutrients without worrying about excess sugar. Plus, it’s an impressively made multivitamin with a blend of 12 fruits and veggies and 15 essentials like Vitamin A, C, D, E, biotin, calcium, and more (but it’s important to note that these do not have iron in them). The packaging is thoughtful too: Hiya’s chewables come in a refillable glass bottle and a sticker pack to decorate with. We particularly love that each child can get their own bottle (and at a discount), and that you only need one chewable per serving rather than multiple pills. Free of dairy, animal byproducts like gelatin, gluten, and GMOs, this is a parent- and kid-approved multivitamin.

Hiya Review | “We have been using these vitamins for a little over a month now, we have noticed a huge difference in our son’s nighttime routine and being able to calm down sooner. We love that these vitamins are melatonin free.” – Kharissa C. [See all reviews]

2. Llama Naturals

American made
Budget friendly
Small business

Best For | Young kids (beginning 2–3 years old)
Features | Chewable gummy, 13 essential vitamins (no iron), vegan, no sugar, dairy, or gluten, organic ingredients
Price | $27 for 90 gummies (30–45 day supply); discounted subscriptions available

It’s (almost) never too early for your little one to get the vitamins they need, especially during their formative years. That’s why Llama Naturals’ Kids Multivitamin is safe enough for use starting at two years of age — though, of course, it’s up to your discretion. Made with 13 plant-based vitamins sourced from organic apples, carrots, and strawberries, and flavored with fruit pectin, children under three-years-old can have two gummies a day, and children four and older can have three daily. Over 1,000 reviews from parents rave about how their kids beg for more — it’s worth a try. These organic multivitamins are also available at Grove and Thrive Market.

Llama Naturals Review | “Every morning when I set my toddler’s breakfast in front of her, she points at the basket with vitamins and chants, “Please please please” until I give her one. My older boys love them too– we will definitely keep using Llama Naturals!” – Carrie S. [See all reviews]

3. Ritual

B corp
Budget friendly
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Teens & older children
Features | Different formulas by sexes, 10 essential vitamins (including iron), multivitamin capsules, vegan, no sugar, dairy, gluten, or GMO, carbon-neutral
Price | $33 for 30-day supply

What teenage girls need as they approach puberty is drastically different from boys. That’s why Ritual’s Teen Multivitamin offers two formulations, one for each sex. The girls’ formulation includes iron, which is particularly important once menstruation begins. Both however are intentionally formulated with vitamins A, D, E, K2, omega-3 DHA, and more — all of which are fully traceable. With a delayed release and a slightly minty taste, these are also easy on their stomachs and just two daily pills are needed to make a difference. Ritual is a certified B Corp, too, so these multivitamins are made with natural ingredients and certified carbon-free.

Ritual Review | “My teenage daughter takes these without complaint, which has been the case with other multivitamins. They are full of good quality ingredients and support her active lifestyle at this stage. The minty flavor is very mild.” – Kim [See all reviews]

4. First Day

Budget friendly
Small business

Best For | Science-backed nutrition
Features | Chewable gummy, 12 fruits & veggie blend (no iron), vegan, no dairy, gluten, or GMOs, reusable bottle, organic ingredients
Price | $36 for 30-day supply; discounted subscriptions available (15% off)

First Day believes in following science-backed research for their nutritional gummies. These multivitamins are formulated by the experts, using a blend of 12 organic fruits and veggies including kale, parsley, cabbage, strawberry, and tomato — flavored with a small amount of organic cane sugar (equivalent to the sugar found in two grapes). Each daily serving size is two gummies, and it’s developed for kids 4–13 years old. Got a teenager? Good news: You can get all your multivitamins in one place as First Day also creates gummies for kids, teens, and adults. Fill in the gaps for your whole family with these vegan, non-GMO, and freshly made multivitamins.

First Day Review | “My daughter was very grumpy at night. She would throw tantrums where she didn’t seem to be able to calm down no matter what we tried. She also was a very picky eater. I had read so many different articles and self help books and I just didn’t know how to help her. Within a week of trying these gummies she wasn’t having any more fits at night and she started asking me if she could try the food I was eating! It was such a relief in our house! I’ll never go back.” – Rachael O. [See all reviews]

5. Raise Them Well

American made
Budget friendly
Family owned
Small business

Best For | Chewables, iron supplements
Features | Chewable vitamin, vegetarian, 20 essential vitamins and minerals (including iron), no sugar, dairy, GMO, or gluten 
Price | $22 for 30-day supply; discounted subscriptions available (5% off)

Started by a husband-and-wife duo, Wiggy and Emily Saunders, Raise Them Well makes delicious chewables for toddlers and children. Using their shared background in the medical field and personal training, these tablets contain a whopping 20 essential vitamins and minerals that kids need, including iron, extra folate, magnesium, and more. Free of sugar, these are sweetened naturally with monk fruit and taste like strawberries — even we want some! Stock up on bundles to save or try a discounted subscription. You can also find these at Walmart.

Raise Them Well Review | “I have no reservations about giving my child these multivitamins! They taste great and have nothing extra and unnecessary or harmful in them! I will continue to give my child the best that I can…and I feel these are the best!! Thank you Raise Them Well!” – Michelle A. [See all reviews]