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Having a baby changes things from minute one. From prenatal vitamins and pregnancy pillows, nursery essentials and birth classes, picking a name for baby—there’s so much to do! But while so many lists are baby-centered, there’s one other person who needs extra care after the baby arrives: you!

The twelve weeks postpartum, commonly referred to as the fourth trimester, is the essential, precious, exhausting time when you get to bond with your baby earthside. And if you were a birthing parent, your body will be recovering from the experience, in need of lots of tender care and attention. Vaginal births can cause tears and bleeding, and C-sections are major surgeries that need specific care. Stocking up each bathroom with ready-to-use recovery kits may not be as *cute* as finding the perfect onesie, but we promise you that you’ll appreciate the foresight more than you know. 

Here is our list of essential postpartum products to help your body heal during the fourth trimester.  

1. Rael Organic Cotton Pads | $9+

We love Rael’s organic cotton pads for their clean ingredients and high absorbency—key for postpartum vaginal bleeding. We also love the reusable organic cotton pads which are washable, odorless, and come in four sizes. And for those first bleary-eyed days when you’re getting used to the new routine, try their disposable organic cotton cover period underwear for the ultimate protection that is also safe and completely leak-free. 

2. Perelel Multi Support Pack | $58

Formulated by a panel of obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine doctors, Perelel makes vitamin packs for all stages of a woman’s life. Their Mom Multi-Support Pack includes a full-spectrum multivitamin plus added Omegas for brain and mood support. There’s also a beauty booster for hair, skin, and nails, which are all subject to big changes. The anti-stress blend rounds out this carefully crafted pack of pills that are no-nausea, non-GMO, gluten- and soy-free, and always without synthetic dyes or fillers. Get a discount when you sign up for a subscription!

3. Nyssa Reusable Ice/Heat Packs | $11

No one can fully prepare you for the challenges of breastfeeding, but this set of two ice/heat packs from Nyssa sure can help! These soft, moldable packs can be heated or frozen to ease the tenderness and discomfort that can occur from engorgement, clogged ducts, and more. These foldable packs are easy to store and tote to work, and are designed to fit comfortably around the nipple on any breast size. Simply fit into your nursing bra and let the cold or heat therapy work its magic. 

4. Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle | $13

If you’ve just given birth, you’ll find that going to the bathroom for the first few weeks is… a bit of an adventure! The idea of using regular ol’ toilet paper can fill new moms with fear, particularly if there’s been any tearing or if there are stitches present. Enter: the peri bottle! Every postpartum mama’s new best friend is this lightweight, easy-to-use, handheld bidet, which will make using the toilet feel that much easier. Our tip? Stash one in every bathroom, so you’re never stranded at the crucial moment. And be sure to add it to the hospital bag checklist!

5. Earth Mama Organic Perineal Balm | $15

If you’ve been pregnant, chances are you are familiar with your perineum: the area between the anus and vulva. Before birth, we are often advised to administer massage to the area to help increase flexibility for the big event, and that TLC is still needed afterward. We love natural remedies like Earth Mama’s Organic Perineal Balm, with its organic blend of witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and other fragrant botanicals that soothe, cool, and provide relief. Trust us on this one! Pop it in the fridge to enhance its cooling effects.

6. Hatch 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle | $298

The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle has everything you need to feel cozy enough to drop into naps as needed while still managing to look cute for the unexpected visitor. Functionality meets comfort with this extra soft robe, the jogger that both gives you room and holds you in, and a stretchy nursing-friendly bra that’s snug yet comfy enough to sleep in. Top it off with a nipple and lip rescue balm that’s jam-packed with superfruits and tropical butters that provides relief and smells great.

7. Pact Maternity Nursing Bralette | $35

This organic cotton nursing bra is a dream! Stretchy yet sturdy, it keeps its shape and wirelessly supports your breasts while making those cluster feeds just that little bit more manageable. If you’ve never been a sleeping bra person before but you’re finding that engorgement has you on the lookout, call off the search: The crossover style helps to not only make nursing more accessible but also prevents the dreaded uniboob. It comes in five colors and is made in a Fair Trade factory with GOTS certified organic cotton. 

8. Bink Mama Bottle | $38  

Trying to reach your daily hydration goals can be a challenge at the best of times, but during those hectic months of pregnancy and breastfeeding it can seem impossible. This adorable water bottle from Bink makes getting in your water a cinch—made of sustainable glass with a thick protective silicone sleeve (totally kid-proof, according to the reviews!), it provides a simple guide to keep your hydration on track. It’s even dishwasher safe!

9. Natalist Magnesium Plus | $32

This raspberry-flavored magnesium powder from Natalist is the ideal supplement for bone health and rest support. With the perfect blend of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D3, this GMP certified, vegetarian, and gluten-free powder is okay to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not only is it safe, and essential for helping in calcium absorption, but it is also delicious! Simply stir it into water until it turns pink, and enjoy!

10. Bodily Scheduled C-Section Box | $139

Cross off your entire hospital bag checklist and your postpartum supplies in one fell swoop with this all-in-one box from Bodily. With everything from your peri bottle to cozy socks, this box has got it covered. They’ve even added a belly band for c-section recovery! We also love the two support books for the birthing parent and the support partner—talk about having all bases covered!

11. The First Forty Days by Heng Ou | $33

Based on the Chinese zuo yuezi, the period after birth when the mother rests, recovers, and bonds with her baby, this book by Heng Ou offers advice, recipes, and guidance for caring for the mother during this special time. With 60 simple recipes for meals, snacks, and even teas that calm and offer lactation support, this book provides a lifeline for new parents navigating the fourth trimester.

Featured image is from Hatch