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We’ve researched and tested dozens of removable wallpaper brands over the years — these are our picks for nontoxic peel and stick wallpapers that are safe, easy to install and remove, and offer a wide variety of designs.

When looking to spruce up a room in our house quickly or add some flair to our leased apartment, removable wallpaper is our go-to. Unfortunately, most contain toxins, ranging from PVC in vinyl, to mercury, cadmium, and lead, all of which can be harmful to our health over the long term. That’s why we turn to nontoxic peel and stick wallpapers for an easy decor upgrade without the risks. 

Why should you look for nontoxic removable wallpapers?

Choosing nontoxic removable wallpapers is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Traditional wallpapers often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals, which can off-gas into the air over time, contributing to indoor air pollution and potentially causing health problems such as respiratory issues, headaches, and allergies. Opting for nontoxic wallpapers ensures that you’re not introducing these harmful substances into your living space, making it safer for you, your family, and even pets. You’re also making a conscious choice to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability in your living space when choosing safe and VOC-free peel and stick wallpapers.

Moreover, nontoxic removable wallpapers are an excellent choice for renters or anyone looking for a temporary design solution. Since they can be easily installed and removed without damaging the walls, they offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to change up your decor without the hassle of repainting or dealing with permanent adhesives. This makes them perfect for creating accent walls or adding personality to rental properties where permanent alterations may not be allowed. 

Ready to take the leap and elevate your space? We’ve found eco-friendly wallpapers that are free of those toxins and chemicals while staying simple and stylish. Most carry a wide variety of patterns and pricing, as well as smaller samples to test before you commit. Say goodbye to repainting or fixing damaged walls from regular wallpaper and say hello to “peel, stick, enjoy.”

Our criteria:

  • NONTOXIC MATERIALS | Each of these removable wallpapers are made with non toxic materials that are low-VOC or VOC-free, PVC-free, and prioritize GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks to help keep our homes and environment as safe and healthy as possible. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL (AND REMOVE!) | Gone are the days of bumpy and uneven wallpaper. These nontoxic peel and stick wallpapers offer hassle-free installation and removal making them a breeze to apply and switch up!
  • RANGE OF DESIGNS AVAILABLE | From bright and bold patterns to minimalistic neutral styles, you’ll find a style that suits your space from our curated selection of nontoxic wallpaper brands!

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Best Overall | Most Eco-Friendly | Best Patterns

1. La Grand Classique

OEKO-TEX® certified
Plant trees
Small business

Best For | Retro wallpaper styles
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | PVC-free, OEKO-TEX certified, recyclable
Price | $72 for 19”x48”; sample sizes available

For timeless designs and travel-inspired textures, we love La Grand Classique’s 100+ options. Made from self-adhesive textiles, these wallpapers are easily removable, re-positionable within 24 hours, and recyclable once used. And if you’re not sure how many sheets you need, send them a message and they’ll calculate it for you, or use their wallpaper calculator! No extra waste here. Thanks to Etsy, carbon-neutral shipping is available worldwide.

La Grande Classique Review | “Very happy with my purchase. The wallpaper looks amazing! And it looks exactly as described. The customer service is top notch and the item arrived really quickly! Highly recommend.” – Maggie (See all reviews)

2. Spoonflower

American made
Budget friendly
Eco friendly packaging
Gives back
Greenguard certified
Recycled materials
Small business

Best For | Independent artist designs
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | Nontoxic, PVC-free, reusable, GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks, printed in the USA
Price | $39 for 24”x36”; swatches available

For every kind of peel-and-stick wallpaper you can imagine, Spoonflower has it all. Spoonflower teams up with independent artists around the world to create more than one million wallpapers. The artists earn a commission on each design purchased, and then the wallpaper is produced at a carbon-neutral factory and printed at a wind-powered facility. It’s one of the more affordable options for sustainable wallpaper out there, and can be easily removed or repositioned should you want to use it again and again.

3. If Your Walls Would Talk

American made
Small business
Woman owned

Best For | Nurseries 
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | Nontoxic, PVC-free, pigment-based inks, reusable
Price | $50 for 23.5”x60”; sample sizes available

Irina Morgan of If Your Walls Would Talk personally created 650+ designs and prints for wallpaper, murals, decals, and art prints out of Gainesville, Virginia. Printed with eco-friendly pigment-based inks, these colorful styles are vibrant and perfect for any nursery or child’s room. And she’ll walk you through the process every step of the way with detailed instructions and even a squeegee for decals. Many can be personalized, so it’s worth considering as a gift, too! (Custom wallpaper is kind of the perfect prezzie, no?)

If Your Walls Would Talk Review | “Looks beautiful in my daughter’s room! We keep receiving compliments – my daughter tells me this wallpaper is one of her favorite things about our new home 🙂 – Alex (See all reviews)

4. York Wallcoverings

Greenguard certified
Natural materials
Recycled materials

Best For | Wide variety of designs
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | Printed on sustainably sourced paper, water-based inks, low-VOC, GREENGUARD Gold Certified
Price | Varies by size and style; sample sizes available

York Wallcoverings has designed and produced wallpaper for 125+ years. In addition to the company’s own patterns, they’ve teamed up with popular brands like Magnolia Home, Rifle Paper Co., and Simply Candice for beautiful premium styles. York is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is commited to long-term sustainability, with promises to minimize raw materials, create paper products made from 100 percent natural fibers, and launch a patented eco-decor designation.

York Wallcoverings Review | “Beautiful wallpaper. Much better quality than others you can buy online. I really love the way it turned out in my powder room.” – Maxwell (See all reviews)

5. Chasing Paper

American made
Family owned
Greenguard certified

Best For | Abstract designs
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | Free from VOC, PVC and phthalates, GREENGUARD Gold Certified ink, made in the USA
Price | $45 for 24”x48”

Third generation in their family’s grand-formatting printing company, the founders of Chasing Paper have wallpaper in their blood. Their high-quality, nontoxic wallpapers come in both traditional and peel & stick options and are all printed with GREENGUARD Gold Certified ink in America’s heartland. Their wide selection of prints is designed to create a memorable backdrop for your life—from nursery walls to lining desk drawers, this wallpaper can be used to give new life to furniture or even framed and hung up as artwork. Chasing Paper’s artist collaborations are sure to elevate your project into something to be cherished for a lifetime.

Chasing Paper Review | “Love this paper and the quality!! Their peel and stick is a great options for renters like me and cant wait to order more.” – Jenna (See all reviews)

6. Walls By Me

American made
Family owned
Greenguard certified

Best For | Washable wallpapers
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | Nontoxic materials, PVC-free, VOC-free, GREENGUARD Gold Certified 
Price | $77 for 24”x48”; sample sizes available

Walls By Me offers a stunning array of wallpapers designed to elevate your home and your life. Their collection boasts chic and removable wallpaper options suitable for both renters and homeowners, allowing for easy decor changes without the hassle and risk of using chemical removers. All Walls By Me wallpapers are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, allowing you to seamlessly transform your space while safeguarding your health and the environment. Our favorite feature is how easy it is to keep these wall covering clean—simply wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent for sparkling, clean walls!

Walls By Me Review | “LOVE IT! Great quality and was super easy to install – didn’t tear or move out of place and even worked on my textured walls (orange peel). Would definitely recommend and will always order from this company for any future wallpaper needs.” – Sarah M. (See all reviews)

7. Paperbird

Budget friendly
Greenguard certified
Small business

Best For | Bold patterns
Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic | GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks, phthalate-free, reusable 
Price | $20 for 24”x24”; sample sizes available

Paperbird’s premium peel and stick wallpaper collection is bold, whimsical, and bright enough to transform any room into a vibrant and inviting space. Crafted from high-quality, phthalate-free material and non-toxic, GREENGUARD certified inks, this wallpaper ensures a safe and pleasant odor-free environment. Ideal for both renters and homeowners, it boasts easy application and removal without causing damage to walls, making redecorating a breeze! Effortlessly transform your home and express your unique style. 💫

Paperbird Review | “This is my second time ordering this product!! The quality is amazing! Bright and durable and customer service is always superb! It shipped quickly and I’m excited to install it again! ♥️” – Charlene Marie (See all reviews)

Featured image is from Paperbird.