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Summary: I’ve slept with the Bearaby Tree Napper for over a year, and while the initial expense feels like quite the investment, I highly recommend this blanket for folks experiencing anxiety, touch starvation, or who even just want a top blanket that will make existing bedding much warmer and snugglier. I often offer it to visiting friends who may be feeling overwhelmed by the stimulation of Los Angeles.

The world seems to get a little heavier each day, so why I’ve been researching weighted blankets is beyond me — is it a metaphor? Don’t I feel like everything isn’t already heavy enough? Do I believe a weighted blanket being will fix *waves hand* all of this?

Weighted blankets, if you’re not familiar, come in a range of weights and implement deep pressure stimulation to relax your body, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety. They are also shown to help folks fall asleep faster, especially those of us who navigate certain neurodivergent experiences (ADHD girlie over here, hello!) I was specifically looking for soothing ways to calm down a racing mind, and to combat anxiety or panic attacks that resulted from a new diagnosis — and subsequent testing of new medication.

Last year, I finally had the opportunity to try a knitted weighted blanket from Bearaby. Curious what all the hype was about, I used the weight selecting tool on Bearaby’s website and decided that the 15 pound Tree Napper in the color “Rosemary” was right for me (that color has since become unavailable).

It arrived on a particularly stressful day and I tore it from the package like an unruly child ripping open a wrapped present. I leapt onto my mattress (only a few feet away from my desk) and pulled the thick blanket over me. I wanted it to be a calming wave over my overwhelmed body, washing away everything that was bothering me.

“While the blanket didn’t immediately solve my problems (like managing my inbox or cleaning the apartment), it did give me that feeling of being hugged.”

While the blanket didn’t immediately solve my problems (like managing my inbox or cleaning the apartment), it did give me that feeling of being hugged. Or, even more tenderly, the feeling of a loved one’s hand pressed gently on your back as you navigate a crowded concert, telling you without words I’m still here. All that to say, it felt nice right away, and more soothing the longer I sank into it (or it sank into me?).

The weight is evenly distributed, and I actually wondered how they got the blanket to be so heavy. I sometimes find myself squeezing the yarn, looking for metallic chains or whatnot — nope. The website claims “No fillers, just plant-based TENCEL”. Although, upon further inspection, the cover materials do in fact include 48% organic cotton and 52% TENCEL (maybe the filler is solely TENCEL?).

Note that I got my Tree Napper in 2022, and the above materials are updated to reflect the most recent products; I love the addition of organic cotton as well as both the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification and the Fairtrade International certified TENCEL. The brand is making huge strides in both sustainability and ethical production, and I love to see it!

The blanket is a winner in both appearance and texture. The soft tencel of the Tree Napper really is cooling and quite silky feeling without being shiny (or sticky if I sweat). I’m obsessed with how calming and deep the green of the Rosemary color is, and honestly — if you take a moment to search Google images for weighted blankets—this is one of the most attractive ones on the market.

The packaging was interesting, too; the blanket was delivered in a cardboard box and wrapped up in a large canvas-y bag to forgo plastic. I love repurposing things (and don’t think I’ll ever store this blanket in that bag since I use it allll the time), so I’m going to use it as a laundry bag — a win-win in my book.

But — does it help me sleep? I genuinely look forward to heaving the blanket over me every night. Importantly, I’ve had trouble with nightmares that wake me frequently, and notice a positive, calming difference when I’m snuggled under the Tree Napper versus when I’m not. Although, I much prefer being in full blankets and sometimes the duvet, sheet, and Bearaby combination are too much to “bear” if I end up with the night sweats. To bypass that, though, I simply use the sheet and my Bearaby, it’s a match made in hot sleeper heaven.

“I have trouble with nightmares that wake me frequently, and notice a positive, calming difference when I’m snuggled under the Tree Napper versus when I’m not.”

But what if you have a second person to snuggle up? That brings me to the first drawback of the blanket — for the $279+ price tag, the Bearaby Tree Napper really only fully covers one person. I’ve tried sharing it with a partner by spreading it over our shoulders, but it doesn’t have the same effect. So, most certainly, note that the 15-pound blanket measures in at 40″ x 72”, while heavier blankets maintain the length but go up to 48” wide.

I’m definitely eyeing the Hugger ($379), which is a queen/king sized weighted blanket that covers the whole bed, so I can share my snuggles with a partner. (Us anxious and neurodivergent folks tend to flock together.)

Also, there are some downsides to the knit approach versus a quilted style. The blanket is pretty stretchy and can get a little unwieldy when you’re trying to move it around. But not enough to stop me from hauling it to the living room to wear like a cape while I play games or watch television — it helps keep my shoulders relaxed and my back a little active.

And this is such a specific tidbit for a specific type of person (like me), but if you don’t like wind on your skin while you’re trying to sleep, this can be a little drafty especially if you sleep with a fan. If I need a fan, I drape the Bearaby over my comforter and cocoon that way. It’s a simple solution for me, but it might be more difficult if you tend to sleep hot and don’t want to feel breeze on your skin.

All that being said, though, there is a bonus to not sleeping with the weighted blanket directly on my skin: I don’t have to wash it as often.

“Overall, Bearaby’s Tree Napper is an effective and soothing wellness investment that will look fabulous on your bed, couch, or office chair. Keyword: investment.”

Washing the blanket is straightforward, although it’s a bit unwieldy; if you live in an apartment and have to walk multiple floors to your laundry room, consider yourself warned. However, that’s where the aforementioned storage bag comes in — be sure to keep it handy so you can haul the blanket as needed. My apartment building’s standard washer and dryer handled the 15 pound Bearaby with no issues!

Overall, Bearaby’s Tree Napper is an effective and soothing wellness investment that will look fabulous on your bed, couch, or office chair. Keyword: investment. If you can find a good deal or sale through the brand, that would make this sleepytime tool a bit more accessible! Keep an eye out on sales surrounding major holidays, I’ve seen a few crop up that make the blanket’s cost fit more budgets. I’ve used my blanket for over a year, and plan on continuing using it every day for as long as it will last — and maybe, just maybe, this one will graduate to “couch blanket” and I’ll invest in a king sized one.

Either way, consider me sleeping soundly tonight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bearaby blankets are gorgeous weighted blankets, that are far more aesthetically pleasing than most other weighted blanketes I’ve seen on the market. I love the calming color options as well.
  • I sleep great when I’m snoozing under this weighted blanket, and it’s not too hot or sweaty. It feels like a bear hug. If you want to block out airflow completely, the knitted texture may not work for you—layer it with another blanket for ultimate coziness!
  • I especially love how the brand prioritizes sustainable and ethical materials — Bearaby uses organic cotton and Fairtrade International certified TENCEL, and boasts OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification or GOLS certifications based on the products you select.
  • The Bearaby Napper is expensive, but it’s helped me sleep better for more than a year and shows few signs of wear and tear — consider it an investment that will last you several years or more with heavy use.
  • The standard 15 pound blanket only covers one person, though, so consider the brand’s queen/king sized Huggers if you’d prefer to sleep under the same blanket as a partner.

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