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Conscious Choices For Our Furry Friends

When it comes to our pets, there’s very little we wouldn’t do to ensure their health and safety. We often prioritize making sure they enjoy natural foods, indulge in luxurious baths with safe shampoos, or have regular check-in appointments with the vet. But our commitment to a safer, more sustainable lifestyle for them doesn’t have to end there.

We’ve compiled a list of brands offering sustainable pet supplies to both improve our furry friends’ lives and our planet’s. If you’re looking for natural bedding for your chinchilla, a responsibly made water bowl for your thirsty pup, or some safe-to-use CBD for your anxious kitty, this list has got you covered. It’s never been a better time to (sustainably) spoil them.

1. Wild One

Gives back

Product Range | Walking, carrying, toys, treats, grooming, home
Price Range | $10 (poop bags)–$125 (carrier)

Wild One, a one-stop-shop for pet owners, offers everything you need to give your fur babies a healthy, happy, and more sustainable life. Alongside Wild One’s eco-friendly poop bags is the beloved bag carrier, a durable, easy-to-use, and affordable option to make daily strolls a true walk in the park. A portion of proceeds supports 52 weeks of animal rescues, in partnership with the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

2. Beyond Green


Product Range | Poop bags, dispensers, composters
Price Range | $4 (15 bags)–$400 (composter)

No more using non-degradable plastic bags on our pup walks! Thanks to Beyond Green’s GROW bags, you can purchase certified compostable poop bags as a one-time option or subscribe for maximum sustainability and efficiency. All bags are 100 percent natural, chemical-free, and made in the USA. And with each purchase, you’ll directly invest in Beyond Green’s mission of planting 50 million trees by 2023.

3. Cycle Dog

Product Range | Walking, toys, treats, travel, apparel, home
Price Range | $8 (toy)–$160 (waterproof XL bed)

Cycle Dog makes playtime more eco-friendly for both you and your pup. Handmade in Portland, OR, Cycle Dog’s toys repurpose and upcycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfills; for example, discarded plastic bottles are transformed into EcoFill recycled filling for plush toys. Starting at just $8 with flat rate shipping (and free shipping over $50!), these affordable toys will be worth the investment, giving your furry friend years of worthwhile entertainment.

4. Noggins & Binkles

Natural materials

Product Range | Walking, toys, apparel, home, tags
Price Range | £9 (toy)–£80 (bed)

Noggins & Binkles, a UK brand based out of London, offers sustainable dog and cat needs including collars, toys, and ID tags. Handmade with sustainable and organic materials only—down to the paint—each toy provides hours of interactive fun and stimulation for any kitty including wand toys and catnip felt toys. This PETA-approved brand is available worldwide, making these affordable cat toys accessible to all.


5. Whom


Product Range | Bowls, beds
Price Range | $54.50 (bowl)–$237 (triple feeder)

Whom brings sustainability, modern style, and customization to both pet and parent with its line of sleek home goods and furniture. In particular, the brand’s pet bowls offer personalization for size, color, and wood; the end result is your very own hand-cut feeder made with responsibly sourced wood. Crafted in North America, Whom’s factories are also zero waste, reusing or recycling everything, so you can invest your dollars with a company who values the planet the same way you do.

6. Best Friend Beauty

Natural materials

Product Range | Skin care, hair care, toothpaste, ear wash, insect repellent
Standout Ethic | Vegan & organic
Price Range | $11 (shampoo)–$61 (sun protection kit)

If you’ve ever smelled a dog’s breath, then you’ll know exactly why we love Dirty Dog Mouth, a luxury dog toothpaste from Best Friend Beauty. You won’t find any harsh chemicals or preservatives here, just good ol’ natural and vegan ingredients—like vanilla bean and coconut oil—to help whiten teeth and keep breath fresh. With a line of organic products available for both pup and person, Dirty Dog Mouth makes living a more sustainable lifestyle possible.

7. King Kanine

Natural materials

Product Range | CBD (oils, balms, treats), grooming
Price Range | $17 (balm)–$110 (combo kit)

CBD, when used responsibly, can be a great addition to a pet’s wellness. That’s why King Kanine crafts organic and all natural hemp products to calm our anxious and rambunctious little ones, including CBD-infused oils, topicals, and treats. Safe and sustainable, these formulas are rigorously tested and vetted. Extra green living, anyone?

8. Carefresh

Natural materials

Product Range | Small pet bedding
Price Range | $6 (14 liters)–$28 (50 liters)

Whether you’re a pet-parent to hamsters, rabbits, or mice, Carefresh’s bedding will provide premium comfort alongside sustainability. Made from scratch, Carefresh bedding uses natural fibers that are twice as absorbent as regular shavings. Best of all, this eco-friendly manufacturing process means the bedding is 99 percent dust-free for a cleaner, healthier home. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and needs, you can find Carefresh both online and at popular retailers like PetSmart.


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