If you’re anything like us, you already adore thrift shopping — there’s hardly a better high than scoring the perfect piece of clothing or furniture for a fraction of the price it would cost new. And you’re giving a new home to something that might otherwise end up in the trash!

“A whole new thrifting world opens up when you learn about thrift flips.”

But a whole new thrifting world opens up when you learn about thrift flips: easy DIY projects to turn thrifted finds that have seen better days, either home decor or clothing, into brand new pieces. Sometimes it’s as simple as a coat of spray paint or reimagining a piece’s use, while some flips require a little more elbow grease or skill, like sewing, sanding, or drilling. But almost all of the thrift flips below, for when you’re feeling crafty, are doable even for those who don’t have a DIY bone in their body.

Below, you’ll learn how to repurpose jars, tiles, lampshades, scarves, garden tools, and much more, saving you money on home decor and opening up a whole new crafty side you might have never known about. Read on for 99 thrift flips for when you’re feeling crafty.

Thrift Flips For Your Kitchen

“Keep your eyes peeled for glass containers that can work as candle holders.”

  1. Serving utensils: Find old wooden spoons, spatulas, or other serving utensils, then paint or stain them and hang as charming decor.
  2. Old dining chairs: Collect mismatched dining chairs and paint or stain them all the same (or a similar) color for a chic boho-looking dining space.
  3. Milk bottles as decor: You can find tons of old milk bottles for just a few dollars at a thrift store — paint them or leave them as they are, and stick flowers in them.
  4. Teacup candles: One of the most adorable kitchen thrift flips? Make candles out of old teacups! 
  5. Tin box for recipes: Repurpose an old tin box as a new recipe box — spray paint it, cover it in cute stickers, or leave it as it is.
  6. Candle holders: When thrifting, keep your eyes peeled for glass containers that can work as candle holders, like bottles with thin necks for taper candles, or mini jars for votives or tea lights.
  7. Wooden crates: Stained or painted wooden crates make pretty storage solutions for your pantry or above your cabinets.
  8. DIY kitchen island: Feeling ambitious? Create a kitchen island out of repurposed furniture like dressers.
  9. Tile coasters: Turn old tiles into beautiful, mismatched coasters by simply gluing a bit of felt on the bottom.
  10. Drawer knobs: Replace your kitchen drawers’ handles and knobs with new thrift finds — maybe they’re spray painted, maybe not!
  11. Drawer organizers: Old wooden trays and boxes become the perfect low-cost kitchen drawer organizers.
  12. Repurposed aprons: Breathe new life into a thrifted apron by embroidering it.
  13. Tin Canisters: Paint old canisters and reuse them as decor or storage.
  14. Bar stools: Old wooden bar stools become the perfect blank canvas for a thrift flip — paint them, stain them, or add cushions for a whole new look.
  15. Mason jar soap dispenser: Turn a mason jar into a hand soap or dish soap dispenser with the addition of a pump cap.
  16. Metal tray spice rack: An old metal tray, spray painted, becomes the perfect solution for storing your most-used spices on the counter by the stove.
  17. Reuse old dish towels: With a quick DIY fabric dye, old raggy dish towels become new, useful kitchen decor.
  18. Cloth napkins: Same with cloth napkins. You can even turn old, unused clothing into eco-friendly cloth napkins!
  19. Fruit basket: Use an old wicker or wire basket as the perfect fruit or veggie container to keep on your counter or in the pantry.
  20. Reuse a pitcher: Found a beautiful porcelain pitcher, but it doesn’t match your style? Just give the outside a quick spray paint

Thrift Flips For Your Living Spaces

“Turn a bookshelf or other shelving unit on its side and add a cushion for quick and easy seating nook.”

  1. Throw pillow covers: Found the right pillow, but it’s not the right color? (Or maybe it’s seen better days?) Dye its cover to match your space, or sew a new cover!
  2. Paint-dipped picture frames: For super funky, eye-catching wall art, pick up an old frame, fill it with a printed image from a book or magazine, and dip half of it in paint. Learn to make these paint-dipped frames here.
  3. Side tables: Upcycle an old side table by painting it. This one was given a checkerboard on top!
  4. Picture frames: A no-brainer here — paint old picture frames to your liking. You can get a ton of painted frame inspo here, no matter your style. Bonus points if you create a gorgeous gallery wall!
  5. Lampshades: Found a lampshade that’s the right size but not the right color? Update it with new fabric or embellishments. 
  6. Upholstered furniture: Reupholster old chairs or sofas. And check out our guide to shopping secondhand furniture!
  7. Table runner: Found a piece of lace or fabric that you like? A quick session with the sewing machine and it’s a new table runner for your dining table or console.
  8. Console table: Speaking of console tables, they make an excellent storage solution/decorative piece. Stain or paint a small thrifted table and it might become your most useful piece of furniture.
  9. Bar stools: Here’s a living room use for bar stools — painted and repurposed as a shelf for plants, books, or other decor.
  10. DIY terrarium: Make your own plant terrarium with any clear glass container.
  11. Shelf seat: Turn a bookshelf or other shelving unit on its side and add a cushion for quick and easy seating nook.
  12. Shutters as storage: We absolutely love these thrift store shutters turned into a way to display decorative plates.
  13. Floating shelves: Turn old, reclaimed wood into brand new floating shelves with a coat of paint.
  14. Lanterns: Another candle holder solution besides glass containers — old lanterns, painted or distressed for a farmhouse vibe.
  15. Painted shelves: Make an old bookcase more your style with a coat of paint and rubber stamps for a one-of-a-kind look.
  16. Suitcase side table: Add some legs to turn a vintage suitcase into a super cool side table
  17. Pallet coffee table: This one’s a little more advanced, but worth it — turn old pallets into a brand new coffee table.
  18. Canisters as plant pots: Paint old buckets or canisters (or leave them as is) and use them as houseplant pots.
  19. Mirror key holder: Add hooks to a framed mirror and hang it by the door for the perfect key holder.
  20. Bench: Upholster an old bench or coffee table to make a cute new entryway bench.
  21. Curtains: Upcycle old fabric, like sheets or linen, into new curtains.
  22. Repurpose doors: If you can snag any type of old door secondhand, they make versatile decor pieces that can transform your space. See how this DIYer made wall sconces out of old doors.

Thrift Flips For Your Bedroom

“Give an old dresser a new look with some paint and new knobs or handles.”

  1. Headboard: Use an old door or shutter to DIY a new headboard for your bed.
  2. Bulletin board: Repurpose old cork board, a frame, and some fabric into a new corkboard for photos or notes.
  3. Accessories holder: Turn an old frame into an accessories holder with the addition of some hooks.
  4. Dresser: Give an old dresser a new look with some paint and new knobs or handles.
  5. Bedside table: Or, do the same to an upcycled bedside table — give it a new coat of paint and some new knobs.
  6. Bookshelf: Redo an old bookshelf with a new stain, paint, contact paper, or rubber stamps.
  7. Basket Mirror: Turn an old basket into a cute hanging bedroom mirror with just a few easy steps.
  8. Rope Mirror: Another DIY mirror hack? Make a brand new piece of decor out of a mirror that doesn’t quite suit your style by covering up its frame with rope.
  9. Jewelry holder: Upcycle an old piece of wood into a cute hanging jewelry holder by adding a few hooks.
  10. Desk: Paint or stain a shabby desk for a brand new workspace.
  11. Vanity tray: Spray paint a serving tray the color of your choosing, and use it as a vanity tray to organize perfume, makeup, candles, and more.
  12. Jars as organizers: Upcycled jars are thrift store gold — in the bedroom they become containers for pens, makeup, or other knick knacks that need organization.
  13. Tapestry: Repurpose old fabric you found at a thrift store, like a table runner or a rug, and turn it into wall decor as a tapestry.
  14. Draw pulls as hooks: Take mismatched draw pulls and use them as unique hooks on your wall for hanging scarves, sweatshirts, belts, and hats.
  15. Tiny jewelry plates: If you come across a tiny little plate, snag it — it’s perfect for holding your necklaces or earrings at the end of the day.

Thrift Flips For Your Bathroom

“Thrifted lighting fixtures are great replacements for your bathroom’s vanity lighting.”

  1. Ladder-turned-shelves: Take an old ladder and repurpose it as a bathroom shelving unit for towels, extra toilet paper, and more.
  2. Towel hooks: Keep an eye out for fun hooks and drawer pulls — you can spray paint them and use them as funky new bathroom towel hooks.
  3. Framed bathroom mirror: Add a DIY frame to your bathroom mirror with upcycled wood.
  4. Vanity: Turn an old piece of furniture into your new bathroom vanity with a fresh coat of paint and/or new draw knobs. 
  5. Basket: Endlessly useful throughout the whole house, thrifted baskets are especially great in the bathroom for storing towels, toilet paper, or bathrobes.
  6. Shower curtain: Make a DIY shower curtain with thrifted curtain panels.
  7. Soap dispenser: You can go with our mason jar soap dispenser idea above, or if you find a soap dispenser at the thrift store and spray paint it to match your bathroom.
  8. Soap dish: Prefer a bar of soap? Repurpose a small dish from the thrift store by spray painting it or leaving it as is.
  9. Bathroom tray: Use a serving tray or dish as organization for your bathroom counter, holding your soap and skincare essentials.
  10. Sugar jars for cotton balls: Spray paint an old sugar jar and it becomes the perfect container for holding cotton balls and Q-tips!
  11. Light fixtures: A simple swap that’ll totally change the look of your bathroom, thrifted lighting fixtures are great replacements for your bathroom’s vanity lighting.
  12. Caddy crate: Turn a thrifted wooden crate into a bathroom caddy for extra storage.
  13. Toilet paper holder: Folks online can get pretty creative — how about toilet paper holders out of old paint rollers or bike parts?

Thrift Flips For Your Outdoor Space

“Did you know you can spray paint wicker?”

  1. Outdoor sofa: Refurbish an outdoor sofa by simply replacing the cushions — good as new!
  2. Wicker chair: Did you know you can spray paint wicker? Flip an old wicker chair for your patio with a quick spray paint.
  3. Glass table turned rustic: If you have one of those ‘90s glass tables, make it look brand new (and super expensive) with this DIY wooden table top for a rustic makeover.
  4. New cushion covers: You don’t even have to buy new outdoor cushions to refurbish an outdoor set — sew new couch or chair cushions (it was this DIYer’s first sewing project!).
  5. Watering can planters: Take thrifted watering cans and turn them into beautiful planters for your garden.
  6. Bird baths: It turns out that bird baths are super easy to DIY — these ideas will help you get started. Keep your eyes open for wide, shallow glass bowls at the thrift store!
  7. Vintage garden tools: Old fashioned gardening tools like trowels and rakes are both beautiful and useful. When they’re not in use, they make charming garden decor.
  8. Flower pot scarecrow: Some old flower pots, thrifted clothing, and paint become an adorable scarecrow for your garden.
  9. Lampshade frame planters: Here’s one we couldn’t have come up with without Pinterest — use thrifted lampshade frames and turn them into planters to hang plants or herb gardens.
  10. Wooden patio set: If you happen to score on one of those wooden ‘70s furniture sets, here’s how to make it super chic with just a few steps. 
  11. Garden bench: Add a coat of outdoor paint to a wooden or metal bench for your garden.
  12. Mosaic patio table: We’re in love with this DIY mosaic patio table made with broken dishes.
  13. Standing planters: Turn old, secondhand containers like wooden crates, tin containers, or buckets into DIY standing planters for your garden.

Thrift Flips For Your Wardrobe

“Turn an oversized blazer into a cute two-piece suit.”

  1. Tie-front tops: You can thrift flip clothing, too! We love these no-sew tie-front tops made from thrift store staples, perfect for when a thrifted top just doesn’t fit right.
  2. Denim jackets: Personalize a simple thrifted denim jacket with patches, pins, or other embellishments.
  3. Jeans to shorts: This one’s a classic — if the length or fit of a pair of jeans isn’t working, try cutting off the legs to make shorts.
  4. Scarf to skirt: Found a beautiful scarf or other piece of large fabric? Tie it like so to make a skirt, perfect for heading to the beach or out on the town.
  5. Blazer to a two-piece: Turn an oversized blazer into a cute two-piece suit — a cropped blazer and a mini skirt.
  6. Dye your clothes: Give an old white or light-colored shirt or dress some love by dyeing it with natural dye.
  7. Crop tops: Another no-sew option — cut t-shirts or blouses into flattering crop tops. This is especially great with old, oversized t-shirts to give them more structure. You don’t necessarily have to show your tummy!
  8. Sheet to dress: We’re obsessed with the matching mother/daughter dresses this YouTuber made from repurposed sheets!
  9. Pants to bag: This YouTuber makes a cute, simple baguette bag from thrifted pant scraps.
  10. Earrings: Make statement earrings using any little accessory that catches your eye! Maybe it’s tassels from an old bag, butterfly clips, buttons, or necklace charms.
  11. Scarf to kimono: Another flip for an oversized scarf — turn it into a flowy kimono, perfect for layering or wearing to the pool.
  12. Hoodie to two-piece: Turn an oversized hoodie into a cropped sweatshirt and sweat shorts without any sewing.
  13. Personalized shoes: Add a little personality to thrifted sneakers or sandals by embellishing them with patches or beads. 
  14. Gowns: Never underestimate an evening gown with good bones. Adjust the hem, the neckline, or the waistline to suit your style — and if you’re not fantastic at sewing, bring it to your local tailor.
  15. Toddler dress: Turn a child’s size or even an adult dress into an adorable toddler dress with a simple cut and hem.
  16. Resize jeans: Just because a pair of jeans is too big for you don’t mean you can’t resize them to fit your body, with the help of this YouTube video.

Natalie Gale is a Boston-based freelance journalist. When she’s not writing about art, food, or sustainability, you can find her biking to the farmers’ market, baking, sewing, or planning her next Halloween costume. Say hi on Instagram!