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With the new year comes a new resolve to stay active. It's the perfect time to renew our commitment to self care, health and wellbeing. Beyond just a good workout, athletic wear is becoming more and more a staple of daily wear and it's more important than ever to find conscious activewear companies.

Here at The Good Trade, we're always on the lookout for ethical fashion companies that employ responsible labor standards and environmental practices. With fair trade and ethical labor practices, natural and recycled fabrics, USA made and limited and conscious production, these 13 brands are doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance activewear while protecting both people and planet. Let us know your favorites!

1. Alternative Apparel

Based In | Atlanta, GA
Ethics | Eco-friendly, organic, recycled, Fair Labor Certified, Green Business Certified
Best For | Men’s & women’s sweatpants and joggers
Product Range | Women's and men’s tops, bottoms, and outerwear
Price Range | $

For over 20 years, Alternative Apparel has believed in keeping clothes soft and sustainable. Their mission is to create that retro look and vintage feel, complemented with a commitment to the environment  and ethical labor practices. Made for both men and women, their activewear looks have been featured in GQ and InStyle - their pieces will be a staple in your closet, whether you’re going to the gym, heading to class, or meeting up with friends

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2. Outdoor Voices

Based In | Austin, TX
Ethics | Recycled materials, thoughtful production
Best For | Women’s crop tops
Product Range | Men & women’s athletic wear
Price Range | $$

Outdoor Voices make clothes for sweating in—interchangeable layers that play nice in any season or activity. From dog jogs to dodgeball, their pieces span gym-life and life-life without sweating the small stuff. The brand sources textiles with sustainability top of mind, including their sustainably sourced merino wool and recycled polyester made from water bottles. Outdoor voices takes great care in the selection of their stateside and overseas factory partners, keeping working conditions and ethical practices a forefront priority.

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3. Groceries Apparel

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Made in USA, use organic, natural and recycled materials, fair wage production
Best For | Cotton activewear basics
Product Range | Women and men’s tops, bottoms, sports bras and outerwear
Price Range | $$

Groceries Apparel creates comfortable and durable clothing for women and men in Los Angeles, CA. They monitor every point of their production—from seed to skin—which means that your activewear is made in a fair wage environment from the best natural and/or recycled materials. Their vegetable-dyed leggings are a go-to for yoga (and for lounging afterwards!)

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Based In | New York, NY & Europe
Ethics | Ethical production partners, use sustainable, natural, skin-safe materials, seek local production when possible
Best For | Non-synthetic yoga wear
Product Range | Sports bras, leggings, tops, underwear
Price Range | $$$

VYAYAMA was founded on the belief that mindfulness should inspire quality, beauty and style for modern living, and their all-natural yoga wear is proof. Instead of synthetic materials, VYAYAMA uses renewable and eco-friendly natural fibers that are breathable, comfortable and supportive. Plus, they’re European Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certified, which means that their materials are 100% safe for the wearer’s skin.


5. ShareHope

Based In | Haiti
Ethics | Fair wages, sustainable production
Best For | Women’s leggings
Product Range | Women’s activewear
Price Range | $$

We jump for joy when we find ethically made products with inclusive sizing. ShareHope’s 4-way stretch leggings range from XS-XXL and the brand will be introducing an XXXL size within a few months. The high waist and gentle compression make these pants comfortable and supportive for all body types. Not only are the garments made by garment workers who were paid a fair wage, but all profits are reinvested in social programs like education and factory clinic improvements. Each legging comes with the story of a garment worker, connecting producer and consumer. 

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6. Fibre Athletics

Based In | Chicago, IL, USA
Ethics | USA-made, organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, give back
Best For | Jackets
Product Range | Women & men’s tops and jackets
Price Range | $$–$$$

Fibre Athletics prides themselves on providing performance wear with integrity: their products are made in the US, organic, and eco-friendly. Plus, they use body safe, biodegradable technology that wicks away sweat and dries fabric quickly so you can break your cardio PR without a worry. They are committed to sustainably in their supply chain and labor practices, and they give back 1% to a variety of organizations for each purchase.

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Based In | Boulder, CO
Ethics | Organic, Fair-Trade, GOTS-Certified
Best For | Men & Women’s Basics
Product Range | Men & Women’s Yoga, Underwear, Tops, Socks, and Bottoms
Price Range | $

PACT imagines a world without toxic chemicals or sweatshop/child labor—just the kind of world we want to live in, too. Their basics are made with organic, Fair-Trade cotton, hoping to change the garment industry for good. With neutral colors and affordable prices, PACT is the perfect place to stock up on all your undergarments, like socks, underwear, and leggings. 


8. Shift To Nature

Based In | Australia
Ethics | Eco-friendly, organic, recycled, fair trade, GOTS Certified
Best For | Alternative fibers/fabrics (bamboo, hemp, etc.)
Product Range | Women, men, and kids’ activewear, sleepwear, accessories
Price Range | $$

Shift To Nature is the ideal social enterprise: they create their products sustainably, pay fair wages, and hold themselves accountable for safe working conditions. With hundreds of designs and styles for women, men, and children, you can find all your Australian-based eco-athleisure wear in this one-stop shop. We love their use of alternative fibers and fabrics, taking sustainability and being eco-friendly one step further.

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9. Patagonia

Based In | Ventura, CA, USA
Ethics | B Corp, eco-friendly, give back, organic, fair trade
Best For | Sport-specific activewear
Product Range | Men, women, and kids activewear (bodysuits, outerwear, yogawear, fleeces)
Price Range | $$–$$$

Patagonia is a B-Corp committed to the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet. Their mission incorporates building the best products for those who love the great outdoors while also supporting the environment in the process. Patagonia is an athlete’s paradise - no matter what you need to get and stay fit and active, trust us, they got your back.

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10. Teeki

Based In | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ethics | Eco-friendly, recycled fibers, USA-made
Best For | Vintage styles
Product Range | Men, women, & children’s yoga bottoms
Price Range | $$

Alarmed by how much plastic is wasted and thrown into landfills, Teeki believes in repurposing that plastic into fibers for their athletic wear. Every pound of Teeki product conserves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline! Their styles are perfect for the dancer or yoga lover who prefers the vintage look in light, fun colors. Currently, Teeki is also involved in activism to support those at Standing Rock - we so admire companies that practice what they preach.

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11. Cotopaxi

Based In | Salt Lake City, UT
Ethics | Certified B Corp, fair wages, sustainable production practices, gives back
Best For | Sustainable outerwear
Product Range | Women’s and men’s outerwear, outdoor gear, backpacks
Price Range | $$–$$$

As a B Corp that sources sustainable and recycled scrap materials and is also dedicated to funding sustainable poverty relief, the outdoor brand Cotopaxi lives up to their mission of creating Gear For Good. They partner with nonprofits in order to help further education in developing countries, empower girls, and support other humanitarian causes around the world. Cotopaxi’s pieces range from subtle to wildly colorful, and are always practical for the outdoor adventure enthusiast.

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12. Satva

Based In | New York, NY
Ethics | Use organic, non-GMO cotton, recycled polyester, and nontoxic plant-based dyes, gives back
Best For | Organic cotton active tees for women and children
Product Range | Women’s and children’s tops and bottoms, outerwear, sports bras
Price Range | $$

If you’re looking for the perfect organic cotton athleisure getup, look no further than Satva. Made sustainably and ethically from natural, non-GMO cotton or recycled materials, their printed leggings and super soft tees are perfect for yoga, hiking, and running. Plus, they make organic cotton post-workout sweaters and outerwear so you can get cozy during your cool down.

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13. Yoga Democracy

Based In | Cave Creek, AZ, USA
Ethics | USA-made, eco-friendly, recycled fibers, fair wages
Best For | Vibrant yoga wear
Product Range | Women’s yoga leggings, sports bras, shorts
Price Range | $$

Yoga Democracy started in 2015 in Cave Creek, Arizona, as a response to the lack of sustainable athletic wear. Almost all of their products are made start to finish in their Arizona workshop, helping to keep their carbon footprint low and water waste to a minimum. Ranging from patriotic to leopard print, their bold, colorful patterns are sure to turn heads no matter where you are. You’ll feel confident and comfortable in their breathable, smooth, and form-fitting yoga wear.

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