12 Ethical & Eco Swimwear Brands If You're Searching For The Perfect Fit

Staff Guide | June 2016 

Ethical & Eco Swimwear 

Swimsuit shopping can be complicated, but we want to make the ethics a little bit simpler for the conscious shopper. With summer in full swing, below are our favorite ethical and eco conscious swimwear and beach accessory brands that ascribe to ethical production practices. From mix + match bikinis, to one-pieces and body suits, these versatile and ethical brands are making quite the splash. 


Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Sweatshop Free, Made in USA
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces & Accessories
Price Range | Bottoms start at $52, Tops start at $42

Cocodune allows you to select any 4 swim pieces that catch your eye and they’ll send them to you for free to try on at home. Each swimsuit is designed in Los Angeles, made by hand at their downtown factory and sent directly to customers around the world. Their iconic accessories are produced by the artisans around the world in factories capable of delivering the highest quality, sustainably and at delightful prices. 


Based In | NYC, NY
Ethics | Made In USA, Vintage & Reclaimed Textiles
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces & Ready To Wear
Price Range | Bottoms start at $99, Tops start at $118

Locally produced, sustainable fashion - giejo is proudly made in the USA. They support sustainable fashion by utilizing vintage and reclaimed textiles in their limited-edition designs. All materials are sourced locally in New York City’s Garment District and produced just across the Hudson River in New Jersey. Ideal for travel, giejo’s signature print-mixed separates allow you to create multiple looks out of a limited number of pieces.   


Based In | Brooklyn, NY
Ethics |Sweatshop Free, Vegan, Eco Friendly, 
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces, Bodysuits, Cover-ups & Hats
Price Range | Bottoms start at $72, Tops start at $88

VAUTE was founded by Chicagoan Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart as a quest to take animals out of the fashion equation. VAUTE swimwear is eco conscious and made of recycled carpet fibers and is sustainably cut and sewn ethically in NYC. The company continues to develop innovative textiles and apparel so that one day the world will look at wearing animals as a thing of the past. 


Based In | CA
Ethics | Swimwear Produced & Made In CA, Recycled Nylon, Water Conservation Efforts
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces, Beachwear & Accessories
Price Range | Bottoms start at $60, Tops start at $88

Vitamin A Swimwear is created in CA, inspired by travel and modern art.  The brand is leading the way with EcoLuxTM, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California, using recycled nylon fiber to conserve resources and LYCRA XTRA LIFE® fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products. Their prints are created, when possible, with waterless digital technology at factories specially chosen for their innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water. 


Based In | CA
Ethics | Sweatshop Free, Made in USA
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis & One-Pieces
Price Range | Sets start at $95

BIKYNI believes you don't need a better body, you need a better bikini. They’ve modernized classics to create mix and match timeless pieces that don’t keep in you in one size category. All pieces are made with Italian fabric in California, USA. We love their racerback one-piece.


Based In | Maui, HI
Ethics | Made in USA, Recycled Materials
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces, Accessories
Price Range | Bottoms start at $38, Tops start at $42

Manakai Swimwear is inspired by a passion for the environment, travel, discovering new cultures, yoga, sailing, diving, dancing, freedom, fashion, and creative expression. At Manakai they strive to use recycled materials wherever possible. The new 2016 ECO Collection is made primarily from recycled nylon and other organic textiles.  


Based In | Milwaukee, WI
Ethics | Sweatshop Free, Made in USA
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis & One-Pieces
Price Range | Bottoms start at $40, Tops start at $50

Swoon Swimwear plays off of the whimsy and romance of falling in love, of daydreaming of beach and packing for a passionate getaway. Swoon has a vision to make ethically-sourced, superior quality swimwear that will last, a mission to keep jobs in America, and directly to consumers at an honest, affordable price. 

Beth Richards

Based In | Canada
Ethics | Sweatshop Free, Made Ethically in Canada
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces, Coverups, Activewear & Surf
Price Range | Bottoms start at $100, Tops start at $80

Beth Richards is on a mission to  challenge the world's idea of beauty and to provide confidence and empowerment "one-piece" at a time. The swimwear line uses Italian fabric engineered for athletes boasting superior stretch and durability as well as 50+ UVB Protection. Every garment is Made in Canada with ethical and first world wages for employees. 

Jessica Rey

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Made in USA
Product Range | Women’s Two Pieces, One-Pieces & Beach Towels
Price Range | Bottoms start at $48, Tops start at $79

Jessica Rey locally designs playful swimwear pieces that are both modest and flattering. All designs are proudly and ethically manufactured in California, upholding ethical production and sourcing practices to respecting the dignity of all people- not only the women who wear the swimsuits - but those who make them as well.

Bikini Empire

Based In | Canada
Ethics | Sweatshop Free, Made in Canada
Product Range | Women’s Bikinis, One-Pieces & Accessories
Price Range | Bottoms start at $70, Tops start at $40

Sisters Monica and Kelsey Rush have created a swimwear line that is sexy, functional, high fashion and sweatshop free. Their goal is for Bikini Empire to be your ultimate desert island bikini; a bikini that is comfortable, sexy and so buttery soft that you will never want to take it off. Bikini Empire is  ethically produced in Vancouver and perfect for fashionistas with an active lifestyle. 


Based In | Denizli, Turkey
Ethics | Ethically Handmade Towels
Product Range | Beach Towels
Price Range | Towels start at £25.00

Designed in the UK, Hamman Havlu towels are woven by a small family run business in Denizli, Turkey that have been making hammam towels for over fifty years. Each item is unique and created with a respect and love of the Turkish culture and an appreciation of the local community. Using the finest quality Turkish cotton and traditional weaves, their highly absorbent and quick drying hammam towels having a multitude of uses from practical beach towels, sarongs and scarves to picnic blankets and tablecloths. 


Based In | Turkey
Ethics |Ethically Handmade in Turkey, 100% Organic Cotton
Product Range | Beach Towels
Price Range | Towels start at $235.00

Skip the chemicals and pesticides and dry off with a Loom organic cotton beach towel. Their towels are loomed from 100% certified organic cotton and the delicate colors are achieved with natural botanical and vegetable dyes. All towels are woven on old shuttle-looms and hand finished by a community workshop in Turkey that's been practicing this method for generations.