Personal Care is one of the most popular categories for sustainable shopping, and it makes sense. Why trust a laboratory to make us clean and beautiful, when we can trust millions of years of nature? What’s awesome is that these natural skincare products are also just about the easiest thing to shop for!

A number of enterprising companies have done the work for us, gathering together hundreds of brands, categorizing them, doing the research, and labelling everything.

This way of shopping means you get great prices, a huge variety, and all the sustainable knowledge you could want, all in one place.

1. Love Goodly – USA

In the Love Goodly store, you can easily filter your results by things like fairtrade, gluten free, non GMO, and even made in USA. If you are new to sustainable personal care you can always order one of their boxes of a handpicked selection that has great value!

Around $6 for shipping in the USA.

2. EcoHabitude – USA

EcoHabitude is an incredible store where personal care is just one of the many categories you can shop from. Responsible businesses from around the U.S. post their products here. It is a bit like Etsy but for sustainable beauty businesses!

Each of the brands on Ecohabitude sets it’s own shipping policy.

3. Vitarock – Canada

Vitarock is a certified B-Corporation, which means not only are they selling products that are sustainable and healthy, they also meet strict criteria for being good to their employees, customers, and the planet. They screen products based on being pure, green, safe, and fair.

Ships for free to Canada and free to the USA for orders over $75. They also ship internationally.

4. Nature’s Fare – Canada

Nature’s Fare is also a certified B-Corporation. They are a family owned Canadian business that has grown from humble roots in the Okanogan Valley, B.C., to be a sustainable provider for the whole nation.

Free shipping in Canada over $70.

5. Ethical Superstore – U.K.

If you don’t live in the U.K. and shopping ethically is important to you, you are going to want to move there just for the Ethical Superstore. They carry everything, and they are a hub for the sustainable community and great resource for sustainable information.

Ships in the U.K. for free on orders over 50 pounds.

6. Ecco Verde – Europe

Ecco Verde stocks over 7,800 beauty and skincare products from around the world. They also ship to over 90 countries and have a sister website dedicated to laundry and cleaning. They are Europe’s eco-friendly one stop shop!

Ships to most European countries for free with minimum purchase.

7. Adore Beauty - Australia

There are a lot of great responsible Australian brands, but I could not find any dedicated superstores. For now, you can use Adore Beauty, not all of their products are from responsible brands, but they do have an Organic and Natural section.

Free Shipping in Australia

Greg Kamphuis is the founder of Buy Better Mall. Greg believes we are on the cusp of a Conscious Consumer Movement and he has built a searchable ‘Mall’ of hundreds of sustainable stores, from second hand to lifetime warrantied and fair trade to b-corps, to make it easy for ‘Buying Better’ to become a social norm. You can find Buy Better Mall on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram and you can find the Buy Better Mall app on Google Play and iTunes.