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Our editors have personally tried dozens of non-alcoholic wines — these are my top picks for high-quality ingredients, taste, and functionality.

More and more of my friends are sober curious these days. It turns out you don’t have to be training for a marathon to find yourself wondering about the benefits of less alcohol. Perhaps you’ve had one too many hangovers, you’re trying to spend less money, you’re pregnant or nursing, or your interests have simply changed over time. Most likely, it’s some combination of these factors. Overall, people are trending towards prioritizing their wellness — and we’ll cheers to that! 🥂

Why consider non-alcoholic wine?

Studies say that rethinking your relationship with alcohol can have measurable health benefits like improving sleep quality, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure numbers, along with helping you lose weight. Another study shows that light and moderate drinking can decrease your risk of depression.

Thankfully there a lots of non-alcoholic alternatives on the market now. And we’re so on board — drink rituals make winding down feel more special, and alcohol-free options give you that experience without the downsides. Non-alcoholic wines can even provide you with boosted health benefits due to the inclusion of functional ingredients. Above all, a correctly paired wine can elevate any moment, especially a fabulous meal or snack.

If you prefer beer or cocktails, check out our guide to the best non-alcoholic brews or our favorite non-alcoholic drink alternatives.

Our methodology & criteria:

The Good Trade was sent a number of non-alcoholic wines for review. I personally tasted and researched each brand, scouring hundreds of customer reviews. And let me tell you: My sober curious friends were thrilled to find out I’d have a ton of leftover NA wine they’d have to help me with. 😊

I sipped on these non-alcoholic wines to bring you my honest reviews.

The majority of brands included have a rosé so I compared those to even the playing field, but I also took into account the other options offered too. The criteria for my picks fall into the below categories, and we will continue to update this list with emerging favorites that meet these standards.

  • TASTE | I considered how close each alternative tasted to actual wine, along with how sweet they tasted, and the complexity of the flavor profile.
  • INGREDIENTS | High-quality ingredients that are traceable and organic are so important to us, which is why all of these brands have transparent ingredient lists.
  • FUNCTIONALITY | Many of the beverages have added functional ingredients like adaptogens to enhance the experience — you’ll find more details about that in the reviews below.

1. Proxies

Gluten free

Best For | Flavor complexity
Price | $98/4-pack
ABV | 0.5%
Sugar | 5–6g (0g added sugar)

Proxies, non-alcoholic wine alternatives, are beloved by chefs and sommeliers for their complexity and food pairing ability. This one came out on top for me because it wasn’t pretending to be wine, but it was still deliciously complex without tasting overpowering. I loved the brand’s Shuru, an aromatic sparkling rosé — it smelled like floral iced tea but had fruity and savory notes. I also tested their Blanc Slate and Red Ember, both punchy and flavorful without the sugar or alcohol. It’s no wonder the brand’s been featured in publications like Bon Appetit and Wine Enthusiast.

Note that like kombucha and some foods containing vanilla extract, Proxies contain trace amounts of alcohol (less than .5%). If you’re looking for a 0.0% ABV option, scroll on!

Customer Review | “We’re enjoying these complex, non-alcoholic drinks. Since we stopped drinking alcohol, I had been looking for an interesting, tasty beverage to go in a wine glass for a special meal or occasion. These are lovely and feel festive!” – C.M. (Read more reviews)

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2. Töst

American made
Budget friendly
Gives back
Gluten free

Best For | Affordability
Price | $27/3-pack
ABV | 0.0%
Sugar | 10–11g

The most budget-friendly option on this list, Töst sparkling refreshers still pack tons of flavor. The alcohol-free beverage comes in two iterations: The flagship is citrusy and crisply dry, while the rosé has a fruitier, slightly sweeter finish with hints of ginger and elderberry. Their beverages come in 750-milliliter bottles along with four-packs of singles, making these tasty, easy-to-drink refreshers a perfect way to dip your toes into the NA wine world at an approachable price point. And it’s accessible, sold at stores like Walmart and other local markets and wine shops.

Customer Review | “This is my second Dry January and I have tried a few different non-alcoholic beverages but didn’t like the taste. Tost Rosè is light, bubbly, and not too sweet for my palette. I will be purchasing more!” – K.P. (Read more reviews)

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Whole Foods

3. NON

Best For | Freshly sourced ingredients
Price | $30/bottle
ABV | 0.0%
Sugar | Less than 1g

NON’s wine alternatives are so chic, you’ll feel like you’re sipping at a hip new natural wine bar — without the alcohol, of course. Non makes five different flavors that roughly resemble whites, rosés, and reds, but they’re not made to taste exactly like wine. Instead, they’re all made from start to finish at Non’s Australian facility, using fresh produce, sourced directly from farmers, and verjus, the juice of unripened grapes, which adds balance, body, and acidity. I loved the Salted Raspberry & Chamomile, which was honey-ish, savory, herbal, and delicately fruity. I also appreciated how up front the brand was with flavors — each bottle indicates acidity, tannin level, and sweetness, along with perfect pairings.

Customer Review | “My absolute favourite NON! This tastes great with any food and the blush colour from the Raspberries elevates the drinking experience. I love that the NON drinks have no added sugar, colours or artificial flavours.” – C.M. (Read more reviews

4. Rock Grace

American made
Gives back
Woman owned

Best For | Adaptogens
Price | Starting at $22/bottle
ABV | 0.0%
Sugar | 0g

A non-sparkling option, Rock Grace’s flagship wine alternative slightly resembles the taste of rosé without mimicking it. The flavor is mild, delicate, and dry, making this one great for sipping on its own or pairing with any food without overpowering. But what really sets this beverage apart is its use of adaptogens — rhodiola, eleuthero (a.k.a. Siberian ginseng), and schisandra help stimulate your nervous system and boost energy levels. So this one isn’t a “wind down” option for everyone, but its flavor is gentle enough to drink in the morning. The “ruby” option kicks the flavor up a notch with notes of vanilla, florals, and raspberry, and RG even infuses their beverages with crystals

Customer Review | “The flavor is so delicious. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how refreshing yet full the flavor is. And the packaging is beautiful. Truly amazing and luxurious.” – M.B. (Read more reviews)

5. Noughty

B corp
USDA organic
Woman owned

Best For | Tastes like wine
Price | $25/bottle
ABV | 0.5%
Sugar | 4g (0g added sugar)

Rather than a wine alternative, like most options on this list, Noughty is a true dealcoholized wine, so it tastes just like the real thing but with no hangover. Each of its offerings — a white, rosé, and red, plus a sparkling wine and a sparkling rosé — has been dealcoholized to 0.5% ABV or less. I like the rosé, the flavor profile of which was subtler than the punchier flavors you often find in wine alternatives — because it’s real wine! The B Corp was founded by Amanda Thomson, called one of the “coolest people in food and drink” by Business Insider. 

Customer Review | “This is by far the best non-alcoholic wine out there. It truly mirrors the flavors and tastes of a good rosé wine. I love to drink and collect fine wine, and have found the Noughty collection (sparkling and still) as a perfect substitute for my ‘daily driver.’” – H. (Read more reviews)

6. Grüvi

Family owned
Gives back
Gluten free
Recycled materials

Best For | Single serving bottles
Price | Starting at $36/8-pack
ABV | 0.5%
Sugar | 8–13g (0g added sugar)

Another beverage reminiscent of real wine, Grüvi’s alcohol-free wines come in convenient ten-ounce bottles with twist-off caps, so while the dry secco pairs well with charcuterie and creamy pasta, it’s just as nice (and convenient) poolside or by the beach. I also tried out the rosé, a bubbly rosé replica that’s crisp, fruity, and acidic. Note that all of the brand’s alcohol-free wine’s sugar is naturally occurring — it’s what would’ve turned into alcohol had the drink fermented. You can also choose from two award-winning alcohol-removed bevvies: A dry red blend and a sangria. And check out their award-winning non-alcoholic beers, too!

Customer Review | “It’s lightly carbonated, just the right amount of tart and a little bit of sweet! I truly feel like I’m drinking a real bubbly rosé.” – A.M. (Read more reviews

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7. Curious Elixirs 

American made
Gluten free

Best For | Champagne alternative
Price | Starting at $42/8-pack
ABV | 0.0%
Sugar | 5g (0g added sugar)

While not a wine, exactly, Curious Elixirs deserved a spot on the list for their elevated booze-free craft drinks. We especially love the Elixir #7 as a celebratory champagne alternative. The elixirs come in eight different flavors, inspired by classic cocktails, like a mule or a negroni sbagliato — infused with adaptogens, too, like ashwagandha or rhodiola. The brand sources only organic juices, herbs, spices, and botanicals, and their website will help you choose the right NA cocktail for you — whether you’re in the mood for an aphrodisiac smoked cherry chocolate old fashioned or a calming spritz with ginseng, turmeric, and holy basil.

Customer Review | “This is so so good. It makes me realize that what I’m looking for in a relaxing evening drink ritual isn’t alcohol, but complex flavor. Which is hard to come by in a non-alcoholic drink. It is also pretty low carb, which I really appreciate.” – K. (Read more reviews)

Natalie Gale is a Boston-based freelance journalist. When she’s not writing about art, food, or sustainability, you can find her biking to the farmers’ market, baking, sewing, or planning her next Halloween costume. Say hi on Instagram!