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Cheers To Plastic Reduction

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans—most notably from cups and water bottles. And with climate change rapidly accelerating, we have to take action now to reduce our environmental footprint and waste, as much as we can. One small adjustment we can all make? Switching to a reusable water bottle. (And bonus, using a water filter!)

We’ve found a few water bottle brands that are as eco-friendly as they are functional and stylish. These bottles will keep you feeling hydrated, no matter what beverage you’re sipping on, hot or cold. On the search for a smart bottle? We suggest LARQ, a self-cleaning water bottle for healthy hydration on the go. Hit the trails or the yoga studio (maybe with a new eco-friendly yoga mat?) with your new bottle in our favorite sustainable activewear. Cheers!

Best Overall —   Klean Kanteen
Most Affordable —  Mira
Cutest  — Bink

1. Klean Kanteen

B corp
Gives back

Features | Single and double-insulated wall options, 18/8 stainless steel, lifetime guarantee, 38 hours hot/135 hours cold
Price | Starting at $20 for 8 oz.

The first-ever stainless steel reusable water bottle ever created? Yeah, that was Klean Kanteen as it set out to create a nontoxic, sustainable solution to single-use waste. As a B Corp that’s considered a pioneer in the space, the line of reusable bottles runs the gamut between insulated bottles, tumblers, coffee mugs, and more. Klean Kanteen has also crafted bottles that keep beverages cold for up to 135 hours—what a game-changer. Our editor is obsessed with her Klean Kanteen—it keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, perfect for someone who forgets they brought a beverage with them until later in the day.

2. Purist

Gives back

Features | Interior glass finish, double-wall vacuum insulated, minimalist look, leak-proof, 12 hours hot/24 hours cold
Price | Starting at $38 for 10 oz.

Hate that metal taste when drinking from a water bottle? Purist does, too. That’s why it uses stainless steel with an interior glass finish to ensure you’ll be having the freshest, purest water around. Purist also teamed up with p:ear to support homeless and transitional youth, so not only does this minimalist water bottle function just like you need it, but it gives back to the local community.

3. Hydro Flask

Gives back

Features | 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated, lifetime warranty, 12 hours hot/24 hours cold
Price | Starting at $35 for 12 oz.

Looking for some flexibility? Hydro Flask has you covered with its diverse range of reusable water bottles. The collection includes standard mouth sizes for sipping (large enough to add ice cubes!), wide mouths for full-on refreshment, and kids’ sizes, so there’s a bottle for everyone in the family. We’ve found this to be the best water bottle for outdoor adventures (it’s resilient against scrapes and dings—though these only add character in our opinion!). Plus, even years later, the insulation still keeps our water ice cold. These vibrant, colorful bottles come with a lifetime warranty, so grab one for yourself—and everyone you know.

4. Bink

Eco friendly packaging

Features | Glass water bottle with silicone sleeve, water tracking measurements (available in regular and pregnancy measurements), silicone straw & cap options
Price | $38 for 27 oz

The Bink daily water bottle is a minimalist design meant to help with easy hydration tracking. A wide-mouth glass bottle that is ice cube compatible and dishwasher safe is protected by a food-grade silicone sleeve that comes in a rainbow of soothing colors. Pro tip: Get the lounge silicone straw + press-fit cap—it makes staying hydrated at your desk an absolute breeze. (Currently sipping on ours while writing this!) Tracking with the timed-guide indicators on the bottle makes hitting your daily water goal a breeze!

5. Yuhme

Climate neutral
Gives back

Features | Made from sugarcane, BPA-free, 100 percent recyclable
Price | $19 for 750 mL

We are over single-use PET water bottles, and so is the team at Yuhme. Instead, it’s created reusable water bottles out of sugarcane that are 100 percent recyclable and equally impactful. We like how lightweight Yuhme is, and its playful designs make it a great accessory for back-to-school (we love carrying our Yuhme’s in the drink holder of our backpack!) Yuhme partners up with Water for Good to provide three months of clean water in a number of countries worldwide with each purchase—so you can save waste and provide clean drinking water simultaneously.

6. Mira

Gives back

Features | 18/8 stainless steel, leak-proof, 12 hours hot/24 hours cold, BPA-free, double-walled vacuum insulation
Price | Starting at $15 for 12 oz.

Bring along your Mira water bottle whether you’re hiking, biking, or exploring a new city. Its line of water bottles blends adventure, sustainability, and style for a cost-conscious and eco-friendly alternative. And with colors like rose gold, matte black, and floral patterns, there’s a style for even the pickiest person. Grab your bottle for tweens, teens, and everyone in between this back-to-school season.

7. bkr

Eco friendly packaging

Features | Cold beverages only, 100 percent recyclable, BPA-free, glass bottle, leak-proof
Price | Starting at $28 for 8 oz.

If Instagram and millennial pink had a baby, bkr would be the result. The adorable and super-chic glass bottles hold any kind of cold beverage (hello, iced coffee!) and is leak-proof for even the klutziest fashionistas. And with an array of nudes, pastels, and soft colors, you’ll receive compliments left and right. We love the innovative way they have played with the lid design, creating “keep” and “kiss” kits that hold lip balm, change, candy, or aspirin right in the water bottle top. bkr is a trendy and functional reminder to stay hydrated for a glowing complexion and healthy lifestyle.

8. Byta

Gives back

Features | Stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation, BPA-free, splash proof
Price | Starting at $31 for 20 oz.

Byta’s reusable water bottle is ready to go with you, wherever you’re headed. Insulated, BPA-free, and splash-proof (hurrah!), each bottle comes with a wooden cap and carry ring, so you can easily take it from point A to B. Started as an alternative to plastic cups, Byta hopes to rid the world of 500 billion disposable cups every year—yep, 500,000,000,000. And since the bottle is responsibly made and gives back, it’s worth the investment.


9. que

Gives back

Features | 18/8 stainless steel, food grade silicone, BPA-free
Price | Starting at $20 for 12 oz.

Initially launched on Kickstarter in 2016, que was designed to save space for what matters: your next adventure. So the bottle’s instantly recognizable collapsible style makes it the perfect travel companion. Designed in California and responsibly made in China, the bottles are made from food grade silicone (that’s nontoxic and BPA-free) and stainless steel—both of which are recyclable at special facilities. Plus, que partners with organizations like the Coral Reef Alliance and Rainforest Trust to help raise environmental awareness.

Featured image is from Bink