The Very Best Water Filters For Your Home

When it comes to reducing plastic use, eliminating single-use water bottles is the perfect starting point. And after you’ve found the perfect eco-friendly water bottle to keep you hydrated, it’s time to examine your water filtration system. 

Drinking water safely is best with a plastic-free filtration system, not only to reduce the possibility of our exposure to BPA but also to reduce the eventual waste on the planet. Sustainable, plastic-free water filters can help remove microplastics, chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants (and, in some cases, even add minerals!) to make the water you drink cleaner and healthier than it is straight from the tap. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best plastic-free water filters on the market, from budget-friendly to long-term investment systems and even portable options that will help keep you safely and sustainably hydrated all day long. 

1. Berkey

Best For | Large groups
Features | Stainless steel, gravity-fed, ion-exchange filtering, units in sizes from one quart to six gallons
Price | Starting at $241

Berkey makes water filtration systems to serve every aspect of your life, from home to office to travel. Manufactured from highly polished stainless steel, with thousands of gallons of use per filter. The brand removes 200+ contaminants from nitrates to heavy metals, and models range from travel kits to large units that can hold up to six gallons of purified water for 20+ people at a time. Our Senior Editor owns the Big Berkey, which holds up to 2.25 gallons, and she shares it’s the perfect size for her and her partner. (Pro tip: Add on the stainless steel spigot and system stand!)

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2. Brondell

Best For | Countertop water filter
Features | Countertop and under-counter models, up to four-stage filtration
Price | Starting at $70

Brondell produces filtration systems to make safe and clean hydration possible in any home. From countertop to under-counter models of various sizes and capacities, each model offers some of the most advanced filtration technology on the market. We particularly love their Cypress filter, which, while not completely plastic-free, offers a sleek design that can work with even the smallest counter space. The system takes less than 10 minutes to install and offers continued filtered water (no water waste).

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3. Walter

Best For | Aesthetics
Features | Ceramic vessel with stainless steel spout, various wood and metal finishes
Price | Starting at $425

This beautiful ceramic vessel by Walter is the ideal countertop water filter for anyone not looking to add another kitchen appliance to their sightline. The three-chambered vessel comes in classic white or a striking blue nontoxic glaze design, with a stainless steel spout in either silver or gold. The maple knob comes in orange, black, or blue, and it comes with the Black Berkey Element to keep your water fresh and clean. 

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4. Kishu 

Best For | Charcoal filters
Features | Natural, low-budget, compostable, zero-waste
Price | Starting at $14

The Kishu charcoal water filter is an all-natural, zero-waste option for anyone seeking an affordable way to filter their drinking water. The binchotan charcoal stick derives from Japanese oak and is the highest grade of activated charcoal from the Kishu region in Japan. Pop the stick into a pitcher of water and it begins to purify immediately while actually adding minerals like magnesium and calcium. These sticks have a lifespan of about three months, so when you’re done, you can put them in the fridge as an odor purifier or simply drop them in the compost. 

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5. Aquaovo Ovopur

Best For | Nature-inspired filtration
Features | Bioceramic pellets, quartz crystal, activated carbon, porcelain, gravity-fed
Price | Starting at $1,099

Aquaovo Ovopur is a state-of-the-art take on water filtration that offers innovative technology in a design created by water researchers. The unique egg shape helps to circulate and regenerate water, and the thermal properties of the porcelain keep the water cool. Bioceramic pellets and quartz crystal remove impurities, while a copper alloy/zinc blend eliminates heavy metals. Activated carbon removes remaining contaminants and also neutralizes odors. This countertop piece is an investment, but a natural and beautiful addition to any kitchen. 

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