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When it comes to reducing plastic use, eliminating single-use water bottles is the perfect starting point. And after you’ve found the perfect eco-friendly water bottle to keep you hydrated, it’s time to examine your water filtration system. 

Drinking water safely is best with a plastic-free filtration system, not only to reduce the possibility of our exposure to BPA but also to reduce the eventual waste on the planet. Sustainable, plastic-free water filters can help remove microplastics, chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants (and, in some cases, even add minerals!) to make the water you drink cleaner and healthier than it is straight from the tap. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best plastic-free water filters on the market, from budget-friendly to long-term investment systems that will help keep you safely and sustainably hydrated all day long. And for an on-the-go option, check out LARQ, the smart self-cleaning water bottle for healthy drinking water no matter where you are.

1. Brondell Capella

1% for the planet
Plant trees
Recycled materials

Best For | Efficient under sink reverse osmosis water filtration
Features | Reduces 86 contaminants, 20x greater water efficiency, WQA gold seal certification, easy installation & maintenance
Price | $270

The Brondell Capella is not your ordinary reverse osmosis water filter. Typical reverse osmosis water filters are notorious for wasting water as they can go through nearly twenty gallons of wastewater before providing one gallon of clean, fresh drinking water. To prevent this water wastage, the Capella is equipped with a patented eco-efficient reverse osmosis (E2RO) membrane filter which allows for higher clean water recovery so there’s little water gone down the drain. The result is a fantastic ratio of 1:1 filtered clean water to wastewater, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that your water (and wallet) won’t take a hit.

2. Brondell Cypress

1% for the planet
Plant trees
Recycled materials

Best For | Sleek & elegant countertop water filtration
Features | 3-stage water filtration system, WQA gold seal certification, easy installation & maintenance
Price | $150

If you struggle with limited space on your countertops and fridge, it can be tough figuring out where exactly to place a water filtration system. The Brondell Cypress is a space saving solution in these circumstances, as its sleek and elegant design takes up no more space than a mini coffee/espresso machine (and it looks beautiful too). It also connects directly to your water line so no more constantly filling up pesky plastic water filter jugs. With an advanced 3-filtration system that catches fine particles, decreases bacteria and viruses and contaminants like chlorine and VOC’s, you’re left with fresh drinking water that’s free of bad taste and offensive odor. Enjoy cool clean water on demand.

3. Brondell Circle

1% for the planet
Plant trees
Recycled materials

Best For | Superior under sink reverse osmosis water filtration
Features | 4-stage water filtration system, 10x greater water efficiency, WQA certification, compact design
Price | $315

When it comes to top-of-the-line reverse-osmosis water filtration systems, the Brondell Circle takes the top spot. This sustainably-designed filtration system installs seamlessly under your counter and fully functions without the use of any electricity. In operation, the Circle is up to 10x more efficient than your run of the mill reverse osmosis filter as its patented water saving smart valve and flexible storage tank prevents backflow and waste. And when it comes to the filtration capabilities of this system, it delivers. Equipped with 4-stage filtration, contaminants such as sediments, VOC’s, heavy metals and more are no match for this WQA certified filter. The result is fresh and pure water that tastes great and is great for cooking.

4. Berkey 

American made
Family owned

Best For | Water filtration for large groups and families
Features | Stainless steel, gravity-fed, ion-exchange filtering, units in sizes from one quart to six gallons
Price | Starts at $305

Berkey makes water filtration systems to serve every aspect of your life, from home to office to travel. Manufactured from highly polished stainless steel, with thousands of gallons of use per filter. The brand removes 200+ contaminants from nitrates to heavy metals, and models range from travel kits to large units that can hold up to six gallons of purified water for 20+ people at a time. One of our editors owns the Big Berkey, which holds up to 2.25 gallons, and she shares that it’s the perfect size for her and her partner. (Pro tip: Add on the stainless steel spigot and system stand!) 

5. Kishu

Budget friendly
Natural materials
Woman owned

Best For | Charcoal water filters
Features | Natural, low-budget, compostable, zero-waste
Price | Starts at $12

The Kishu charcoal water filter is an all-natural, zero-waste option for anyone seeking an affordable way to filter their drinking water. The binchotan charcoal stick derives from Japanese oak and is the highest grade of activated charcoal from the Kishu region in Japan. Pop the stick into a pitcher of water and it begins to purify immediately while actually adding minerals like magnesium and calcium. These sticks have a lifespan of about three months, so when you’re done, you can put them in the fridge as an odor purifier or simply drop them in the compost.

Featured image from Berkey