One of our favorite ways to educate (or re-educate) ourselves about sex? Podcasts. We love listening to sexperts and sex educators break down our most burning questions about all things sex, pleasure, and intimacy. 

While not a comprehensive list (add your favorites to the comment section 👇), these are a few of our favorite sex podcasts for inclusive, courageous, and engaging conversations about everything from foreplay and intercourse to self-pleasure, kinks, and common bedroom struggles. Give them a listen! 

Are books more your thing? Here are our favorite books to help you reconnect with your body and sexual desires. And don’t miss our 99 ways to increase sexual pleasure (in and out of the bedroom).

1. The Sensual Self Podcast

Listen For | An exploration of pleasure at the intersection of identity, sexuality, and healing
Recommended Episode | The Sensuality of Solitude
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

The Sensual Self (formerly The Sexually Liberated Woman) podcast explores the nuances of sensual expression and invites listeners to luxuriate in the pleasures of their bodies. Hosted by sexuality doula™ Ev’Yan Whitney, this podcast covers essential and often stigmatized topics, including gender, desire, consent, and pleasure. Episodes average an hour in length.

Reviews | “Ev’Yan and [their] guests are healing me, helping me to write new, sex-positive and wonderfully affirming messages around sex….” – Alicia S, Apple Podcasts Review

2. The Authentic Sex Podcast

Listen For | Empowering information to transform your sex life
Recommended Episode | Pregnancy, Sex, and Keeping Intimacy Alive
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts; Spotify

Hosted by Tantra Practitioner and Australia’s leading sexologist Juliet Allen, The Authentic Sex Podcast expands on some of our favorite sex topics, including self-pleasure and tantric sex. Episodes average 30 to 40 minutes, and we love season 5 which expands on sex and intimacy when pregnant.

Reviews | “I am so glad I found Juliets podcast. Its so smart and honest, and offers advice on anything you can think of—sex-related.” – Christina Z, Apple Podcasts Review

3. Where Should We Begin?

Listen For | Real-life couples therapy sessions
Recommended Episode | Sexlessness
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

In this audible original series, Esther Perel invites listeners into her office, where she helps couples navigate complicated relationships and sexual struggles. While not every episode of Where Should We Begin? is about sexuality, we find this podcast helps us better understand and communicate with our partners—both in and out of the bedroom. Episodes average 45 to 60 minutes.

Reviews | “Its fascinating and riveting to be a fly on the wall of these therapy sessions and get a glimpse into the private lives of others. I could listen to a thousand episodes of this podcast and never get bored.” – Debra, Apple Podcasts Review

4. VagEsteem™

Best For | A healthier sex education curriculum
Recommended Episode | Sex Work Is Work
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

The VagEsteem™ podcast wants you to have more confidence in yourself, your body, and your vulva. Hosted by Vanessa Geffrard, a health and sex educator in Baltimore, Maryland, it covers everything from sex work and legislation to endometriosis and infertility. Episodes average 60 minutes and, while there haven’t been any new episodes in 2021, the archive is worth diving into. 

Reviews | “I love this podcast. I recently started to Vagesteem and am hooked! This podcast is educational (medically accurate!) while being hilarious and real.” – Carlyn K, Facebook Review

5. The Dildorks

Best For | Discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating
Recommended Episode | Sex Drive Nosedive
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Award-winning journalist Kate Sloan and sex educator Bex Caputo met at a sex blogger’s retreat in 2015. The self-proclaimed “brain twins, best friends, and sex nerds” decided to start a podcast together, and The Dildorks was born. Listen to this one for discourse on all things sex—including BDSM, sexual aftercare, and kinks. Each episode is about an hour long.

Reviews | “This podcast brings me so much joy. Bex and Kate are the smartest funniest people. I’m either learning new things from them or laughing with them or going YES ME TOO, or all 3 at once! It’s great.” – Caitlin L, Apple Podcasts Review

6. Sex With Emily

Best For | Non-judgmental sex advice
Recommended Episode | Everybody Loves Oral
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

With more than one thousand episodes and 5k reviews, Sex With Emily is a favorite among podcast listeners. This series is hosted by author and sex therapist Dr. Emily Morse and includes an impressive guest lineup of doctors, therapists, and sexual wellness experts. You can also send your sex questions to Emily, which she answers during the show. Episodes average 50 minutes.

Reviews | “Emily, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, highlight all aspects of sex, relationships and more in this cant miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!” – Clarisse G, iTunes Review

7. Speaking Of Sex

Best For | Explicit yet soulful conversations about sex and sexuality
Recommended Episode | Finding New Pleasure Pathways
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Here is another podcast with more than 400+ episodes. Speaking of Sex from The Pleasure Mechanics (sexologists and life partners, Chris and Charlotte) is informative, straightforward, and perfect for learning about sex—well—mechanics. No subject is off-limits or taboo, and this show answers reader questions as well. Episodes average 30 minutes.

Reviews | “The Pleasure Mechanics changed my life! I didnt realize how much time I was spending in my head, spinning my wheels and stuck on shame and guilt. This course helped me to find relief and guided me through the journey to enjoy the sexual pleasures of life.” – Mark F, Apple Podcasts Review

8. Sex and Psychology Podcast

Best For | A podcast all about the most important sexual organ: the brain!
Recommended Episode | How to Change Your Sexual Mindset
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Hosted by Kinsey Institute Research Fellow Dr. Justin Lehmiller, the Sex and Psychology Podcast is for anyone interested in understanding the mental side of sex. While sex ed and sex columns can be heavy on the physiological side of things, this podcast delves into the psychological roots of sex, relationships, and sexuality. Based in Dr. Lehmiller’s extensive research and chock full of expert interviews, this podcast will give you a whole new perspective on sexual confidence, staying in the moment, sexual attraction, the boundaries of sex, and much more. Episodes are about 30 minutes.

Reviews | “I love this podcast. We get to learn all the latest research on sex and relationships in language we can all understand. It feels like we’re overhearing two friends chatting so it’s fun to listen to as I’m going about my day.” – ssprof1000, Apple Podcasts Review

9. Turn Me On

Best For | Pillow-talk about sex and pleasure 
Recommended Episode | Family Law and Polyamory
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts; Spotify

Jeremie and Bryde are a married, poly, adventurous couple who love having conversations about what it means to be a sexual being in the world. With a candid and humor-filled approach, the hosts chat weekly (often with sex experts) about all things pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality. Turn Me On episodes average 60 to 90 minutes.

Reviews | “You two bring such a refreshing touch of love, the openness of relationships, the devoutness of a friendship and togetherness. the world needs more people like you two, to keep it real, and to open their eyes to intimacy, no matter where it comes from or how it comes into your life.” – Rosa C, Apple Podcasts Review