Natural & Organic Beauty Bloggers

If you are drawn to simple, natural, beauty products and looking for inspiration to “green” your beauty routine, these 7 natural and organic beauty bloggers have a way of simplifying the complex ingredients and products that make up the beauty world. Their product reviews, how-to’s, tips and insights are invaluable when it comes to navigating all things natural beauty. Let us know if we missed your favorites!

Looking to green your whole beauty routine? Check out our brand roundups for the best natural makeup and organic skincare!

1. The Organic Bunny

The Organic Bunny is among our favorite resources for all things both green and glamorous. Amanda is on a mission is to provide people with resources for amazing organic alternatives to their favorite products. She reviews makeup, skincare, hair and even home products with beautiful photography and storytelling. We love her combination of product reviews and makeup tutorials like this one that have us looking our best—you can even shop her favorites directly on her site!

2. Carron Coleman

Carron Coleman is a natural living advocate who is dedicated to inspiring her readers to take a nontoxic approach to their health, wellness, and beauty routine. We love that Carron does beauty roundups like best natural foundations for women of color, and that she also approaches beauty from the wellness side with posts like her healthy pantry makeover. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares natural recipes, beauty tips, and entertaining stories from her life as a flight attendant.

3. Organic Beauty Blogger

Inga’s a passion for natural and organic beauty inspired her blog, Organic Beauty Blogger. She wanted to create place to share her thoughts about green beauty experiences and products. She reviews skincare, makeup, hair and body products, and also provides tips and insights about natural beauty. Check out her guide to oil pulling and we love her haircare routine roundups—she even has one for natural dry shampoos.

4. Just Ask Arjun

If you’re looking for unbiased, non-sponsored reviews of natural beauty products, eco-luxe beauty blogger Just Ask Arjun will be your new favorite. Arjun is a “skincare junkie trying to go green”—he had serious acne in his teens and 20s and switching to more natural products transformed his skin. Since then, he has dedicated himself to finding the best natural products to help others transform their skin as well. We love his helpful list of ingredients to avoid and his in-depth comparison review of his favorite green fragrances.

5. Living Pretty, Naturally

Kate is a Canadian living in Norway, and a self professed beauty products junkie. Her blog, Living Pretty, Naturally, is a source for natural cosmetics and beauty product reviews, healthy hints, beauty-enhancing recipes, eco beauty lifestyle tricks, natural health information, yoga, wellness recommendations, holistic treatments and more. We love the broad range of wellness and beauty topics Kate covers from skincare reviews to natural travel tips.

6. The Natural Beauty Workshop

If you’re looking to get ultra-familiar with what’s in your beauty routine, The Natural Beauty Workshop will help you craft your own natural products at home. Full of recipes for skincare, beauty products, and body care for the whole family, this blog is the perfect resource for crafty gift-givers and green beauty aficionados alike. Recipes include indulgent goodies like Sweet Chai Body Lotion and Apricot Rose Lip Shimmer, and they even offer resources of where to shop for ingredients.

7. The Green Product Junkie

If you’re searching for the newest and the best products, The Green Product Junkie is up-to-date on all the most recent releases. See something that catches your eye? She also updates readers on sales and discounts so that you can get your clean beauty haul for less. Her desert island picks is a fun way to round up her favorite natural beauty products, and we’re itching to try all of her favorite green beauty masks.