Aloe Soothes Your Body Inside & Out

You may not know this, but no matter what health problems ail you, aloe vera will likely help. This succulent grows all around the world and is often times considered nature’s miracle plant. From cystic acne to digestive issues to even cancer, aloe vera has been a source of healing and soothing for thousands of years. Today, it’s used for cosmetic and personal care products, and even used in drinks—you’ve probably used it yourself after a day out in the sun. Let’s walk through the benefits of aloe vera, and why going organic might be the best bet for your health.

In order to produce aloe vera gel or lotion, the plant’s leaves are filled with a clear liquid that must be expelled or cold-pressed. After this process, you’re left with a thin juice-like gel that can be easily made into a gel with a natural thickener. And voila: you now have a natural remedy that will last for months.

And when we say it’s a miracle plant, we’re not kidding—here are just a few ways aloe vera can soothe any ailment: applied topically, aloe vera provides a cooling effect that can calm sunburns or dry, itchy skin. It can expedite the healing process of burns, cuts, and even acne, by reducing inflammation. When ingested, it can treat heartburn, lower blood sugar by improving triglyceride levels, and help stop constipation due to its laxative properties. (And it’s easy to grow at home, too—as a succulent, it can thrive in many climates and doesn’t need much tending to.)

We’ve found 3 organic aloe vera gels and sprays that are sure to be a worthwhile investment. Add it to your medicine cabinet or to-go bag, and you’ll be ready for (almost) anything that comes your way.

Ethics | Organic, natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, grown in USA
Features | 99.75% organic Aloe Vera, BPA-free bottle, fragrance free, charcoal filtered
Where to Buy | Online (Amazon), Walmart
Price | $13.89 for 12 oz.

NaturSense’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel is about to become a staple in your home. This organic and natural gel will soothe any sunburn, burn, or irritated skin around. Once grown (in the USA) and taken from the plant, this cold-pressed gel is filtered with charcoal to leave the purest, richest aloe vera that’s full of proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. The final aloe vera comes in a BPA-free bottle, with 99.75% organic aloe vera, and a remaining 0.25% for food-grade preservatives and a plant-based natural thickener for easy application and longtime freshness. Whether you’re using for acne, eczema, psoriasis, or just after a day on the beach, you’ll feel cool, easy relief after applying this aloe vera gel.

NaturSense Organic Aloe Vera Review | “This product is a-ma-zing!! I have suffered from cystic acne for my entire adolescence thus-far (I’ll be 20 in just a few days)... I recently decided to try switching to a natural regimen. I wanted to see how my sensitive, combo, acne-prone skin would react. I apply this product after washing and toning my face. Not only does it feel moisturizing, but also lightweight, and it dries very quickly. It’s a natural anti-bacterial, and I feel like it has helped in evening out my skin tone and my acne scars. Also, it wears easily under my makeup, whether I’m wearing powder foundation or liquid foundation. My skin feels soft and moisturized, it looks more even, and I break out less frequently. And you get a massive bottle for a low price!” - Alyssa

Ethics | Organic, natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, made in USA
Features | 99.8% Organic Aloe Vera, in a spray bottle
Where to Buy | Online (Amazon, Green Leaf Naturals)
Price | $9.95 for 3 oz.

Green Leaf Naturals’ Aloe Vera Spray won’t just be in your home—it’ll be with you wherever you are, in its convenient travel size. This 99.8% pure organic aloe vera spray will evenly reach any part of your body without the sticky mess. It’s ideal for everything from razor burn treatments to sunburn relief on your back—and customers who’ve experienced radiation therapy consider it a savior for their burns. Made from certified organic aloe vera plants in Texas, this spray has absolutely no water added, just cold-pressed aloe vera gel without any artificial preservatives. No matter who you are—pet, child, or family—you’ll be covered with this useful and effective aloe vera spray.

Green Leaf Naturals Organic Aloe Vera Review | "I had been planning on getting an aloe based toner when my expensive department store toner ran out. I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try. I poured some in my hand and was so pleased when I spread it across my skin it almost immediately absorbed! No residue, no stickiness. My skin is ‘complicated.’ I have a variety of rashes due to an autoimmune disease. At times my skin feels like it is burning. I also get patches of hives. I will be clear: this isn't a cure, but it cools my skin and feels so silky. I have only been using about a week, but I believe it helps some of the areas heal faster. From someone who deals with angry and painful skin on a regular basis, I so much appreciate this product.” - Trish

Ethics | Organic, natural, grown in USA
Features | 99.75% Organic Aloe Vera, fragrance-free, 100% money-back guarantee
Where to Buy | Online (Amazon, Amara Organics)
Price | $15.95 for 8 oz.

With more than 2,500 reviews and a 4.5+ star rating, Amara Organics’s Organic Aloe Vera gel is a favorite amongst moms. Great for dry, itchy, sunburned skin—or even dandruff and dry scalps—this gel is made with 99.75% organic aloe vera, and made without color, fragrance, or alcohol. Grown in the USA, the organic aloe vera plant is cold-pressed for gel that goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, so you won’t be left with any residue. And while the price point is a bit higher, a little goes a long way according to returning customers. Not a fan? They have a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked and no return necessary. Like all of Amara Organics’ products, you’ll be left soothed and satisfied.

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Review | "This is the best I've ever tried. I had 24 radiation treatments on both hands...very bad burns, skin peeling and awful pain. This product expedited the healing process and calmed the burning. This product will always be in my cupboard and in my four children's home from now on.” - Sue A.