For A Safe & Zero Waste Shave

Did you know 2,000,000,000 single-use disposable razors are thrown away each year? (Yes, billion with a B, and yes, that number is from a 1990 report. It hasn’t been updated since, and it’s possibly much higher.) Regardless, that’s a lot of plastic waste. 😱 Thankfully, sustainable shaving is possible with safety razors!

These razors have recyclable steel blades so that you can get a close shave time and time again. These brands offer eco-friendly packaging, take-back recycling programs, and even subscription options with discounted blade refills.

While there is a slight learning curve for safety razors, it’s easy to get the hang of—try this step-by-step guide! And for a completely plastic-free routine, see the five zero waste shaving essentials we love.

P.S. There is no shame in body hair. If shaving isn’t for you: Let. It. Grow!

1. OUI The People

Ethics | Ethically made in Germany, cruelty-free, eco-friendly packaging, recyclable materials
Ships To | US & Canada
Price | $75

OUI the People’s The Single is an internet favorite. Not only is it made for sensitive skin, but it also helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. This gorgeous rose-gold razor is made entirely with stainless steel and comes with 10 blades, all of which can be recycled when you’re finished. Keep in mind, OUI The People only offers limited drops and pre-orders on a first-come, first-served basis. So get it while it’s hot!

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2. Well Kept

Ethics | Ethically made in Canada, plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, recyclable materials
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $82

Well Kept is a Vancouver brand aiming to reduce the waste of plastic razors and cartridges, and its Safety Razor is the perfect sustainable switch. These brass razors offer reduced irritation, are more cost-effective over the long term, and are entirely plastic-free (it’s even shipped in recyclable paper packaging!). Shave anywhere and everywhere, without worrying about your skin—or the environment.

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3. Ecoroots

Ethics | Plastic-free, recyclable packaging & materials, gives back
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $32.50

For a double-blade razor, check out Ecoroots’ Safety Razor. This plastic-free piece comes with double-edged zinc alloy and stainless steel blades, an ergonomic handle, and two colors for whatever your style. In addition to recyclable packaging, each eco-friendly razor comes with five recyclable blades and gives back via 1% For The Planet.

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4. hanni

Ethics | Plastic-free, recyclable packaging & materials
Ships To | US
Price | $38

For a razor that does all the work, consider hanni. The hanni is equipped with an extra-long handle and just the right amount of weight so you can apply without any pressure whatsoever. We also love that it comes with a silicone travel cap for when you’re on the go. And of course, it’s all fully recyclable. From armpits to ankles, it’s a wonderful little safety razor.

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5. Albatross Shaves

Ethics | Plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, recyclable materials, take-back program
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $30-$40

Albatross Shaves’ double edge razor, The Butterfly, comes in two stainless steel options: the classic handle at 3.5” in length and the long handle at 4.75”. And once you’re done with the stainless steel blades? Albatross has a take-back program to help you recycle and repurpose them once again.

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6. Leaf

Ethics | Plastic-free, climate-neutral certified, gives back, recyclable materials, take-back program
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $59

Need a razor to help you get into the nooks and crannies? You’ll love The Twig Razor from Leaf, one of the smallest safety razors available. Each stainless steel design comes with a starter pack, as well as a recycling tin so you can responsibly dispose of the blades via Leaf’s take-back program. Choose from seven beautiful colors to perfectly complement your bathroom decor!

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7. Jungle Culture

Ethics | Plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, organic & recyclable materials, gives back
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | £17.99

Located in Dereham in the UK, Jungle Culture leverages bamboo for its safety razors. These double edge razors come with a bamboo grip, stainless steel safety guard, and an organic jute travel pouch, making it an ideal gift for your zero waste friends. (You can even add a stand to your order for easy storage!) It’s one of the most eco-friendly and affordable options around, with international delivery available.

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