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Omegas have been studied for years for their numerous health benefits. Studies have found that with consistent consumption of omegas— depression, anxiety, inflammation, and a variety of other health conditions can be significantly reduced. Under the umbrella of omega fatty acids, there are 11 different types, but out of those 11, there are three that are the most common: ALA, EPA, and DHA.

  • ALA is found in dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, as well as in flax and chia seeds.

  • EPA helps to reduce inflammation in the body and is most often found in fish oil but is also found in algae.

  • DHA is a compound that helps with brain function and can actually reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. DHA is typically found in fish, but is also in algae.

We are told that the best way for us to consume omegas is from fish oil; however, we can get the same benefits from plants like algae, flax oil, hemp seeds, chia, and even brussels sprouts. Below are seven omega supplements that are not only vegan, but also made sustainably to deliver our bodies pure omegas from the magic of plants.

1. needed.

Natural & Organic | Omega 3s sourced from vegan, sustainable microalgae, tested for heavy metals and contaminants
Standout Features | Contains bioavailable omega 3 (DHA + EPA), choline, lutein & zeaxanthin for optimal nutrient delivery & oxidation prevention
Price | $49.99/60 capsules; discounted subscriptions available

needed. is on a mission to provide parents-to-be with nourishing supplements. Their supplements contain critical nutrients that many women are deficient in throughout their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys—and that men require to support libido and sperm health. Both women and men’s omega 3 supplements include sustainably-sourced omega 3s, and a number of antioxidants —so you can get all the benefits! If you have trouble swallowing capsules, needed’s supplements are smaller than standard fish oil capsules making for easy consumption.

2. Nordic Naturals

Natural & Organic | Made from sustainably-sourced microalgae, non-GMO verified, hexane-free
Standout Features | Higher daily dose of omega 3s than other options, certified 100% vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association, 3rd-party purity tested 
Price | $30.95/60 softgels; discounted subscriptions available

Nordic Naturals is highly committed to low-impact, earth-friendly practices, which shows in their vegetarian-certified supplement. This algae omega supplement is made from sustainably sourced micro-algae offering a high dose of omega 3s for optimal health. Boost your brain, heart and immune health with this popular plant-based option!

3. Garden of Life

Natural & Organic | Low levels of oxidation, undetectable levels of dioxins, pesticides, & heavy metals, gluten-free
Standout Features | Made with Minami vegan DHA algae oil, no saturated fat
Price | $48.99/60 softgels

Garden Of Life dedicates slow manufacturing processes for their food-based supplements. The brand uses Minami algae omega 3 in their vegan supplement, which not only uses a low-heat and hexane-free process—but also undergoes rigorous in-house and third-party testing to ensure the highest quality product. If your goal is to increase your DHA levels, this supplement has you covered with 500mg of DHA in just two mini softgels.

4. Freshfield

Natural & Organic | Free from gluten, peanuts & tree-nuts, non-GMO
Standout Features | Contains DPA, certified plastic-negative product, carbon-neutral
Price | $22.49/60 capsules; discounted subscriptions available

Freshfield is a small Canadian brand offering an impressive (and colorful!) line of vegan supplements. Their omega 3 line of capsules absorbs 15% better than regular fish oil supplements, helping you store a higher amount of omega 3s in your body thanks to the addition of DPA. Best of all? Freshfield is 100 percent certified plastic negative!

5. Ora

Natural & Organic | Sustainably harvested algae from the North Atlantic Ocean, third-party tested for heavy-metals and contaminants, no fillers, carrageenan or artificial ingredients, gluten-free & soy-free
Standout Features | Cultivated sustainably with minimal impact on the marine ecosystem, 5x more bioavailable than standard fish oil supplements
Price | $49.99/60 capsules; discounted subscriptions available

Ora understands the downsides of getting your omega 3s from fish oil supplements. Most conventional fish oil supplements have fillers, preservatives and heavy metals that unfortunately can do more harm than good. That’s why they developed a plant-based omega 3 supplement that’s clean and has the most bioavailable source of DHA omega 3 known as schizochytrium (pronounced skitz-uh-kie’-tree-um) algae. We love the simple ingredients in this supplement that keep it allergen-friendly!

6. future kind

Natural & Organic | Plant-derived omega 3 from algae, carrageenan-free, GMO-free, yeast-free, nut-free, soy-free, no artificial colors or preservatives
Standout Features | Made in the USA at an FDA registered facility, eco-friendly packaging, carbon-neutral shipments, B-corp company, 3rd-party tested, proceeds support animal sanctuaries
Price | $29.99/60 softgels; discounted subscriptions available

Being one of the more affordable options on this list, future kind is here with a wide variety of clean, sustainable and vegan supplements. Their omega 3 supplements are rich in essential long-chain fatty acids DHA + EPA and are sourced from algae, where fish get it in the first place. As a plus, these softgels arrive in a recyclable glass bottle and in eco-friendly packaging, minimizing the impact on the environment! 

7. Ritual

Natural & Organic | Gluten & major allergen free, no artificial colorants, non-GMO, USP verified
Standout Features | Made Traceable, patented beadlet in oil technology, published clinical study, delayed-release capsule
Price | $33/60 capsules; subscriptions & discounted bundles available

Ritual makes it easy to get all your essential nutrients, with a multivitamin that contains 9 supplements. Ritual’s supplements are made with ingredients that are completely traceable, and their multivitamin for women provides vegan-certified omega 3 DHA alongside other essential nutrients. What makes this brand special is their patented beadlet in oil technology, which combines dry and oily ingredients in one capsule. Talk about efficiency!