15 Conscious Mother's Day Gifts For The Mama Who Loves A Little Self Care

Gifts That Give Back For Mom

With the arrival of springtime comes Mother's Day just around the corner! It’s the perfect time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who love and care for us with no reservation. Each gift below is thoughtfully designed and crafted with care, giving back to not only your mum—but also to communities both local and global. This list was curated with self care in mind, for the mama who deserves a little time to herself. 

1. Essential Companion Tote | Ten Thousand Villages

Kick off summer with this handwoven shopping basket that doubles as the perfect all-day tote or for a couple of books and a towel for beach day. This bag is handmade by artists in rural Bangladesh who, in addition to fair wages, get greater access to education, health care, and savings programs.

Shop | $40

2. Vitamin C Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask | Orgaid

One of our favorite things to do with our mothers is to indulge in an at-home self care day, because it’s often easier to take care of yourself when you have someone supporting your wellbeing. Make a pot of herbal tea, put on your mom’s favorite album, and spend some time lounging with your family wearing these organic face masks for a day you’ll always cherish.

Shop | $6

3. Linza Drop Earring | Akola 

These drop earrings are elegant and timeless! These earrings are made from upcycled horn by women in Eastern Africa and the US, where each step in the supply chain offers fair, sustainable support to the people involved. A gift from Akola is a gift with a story of women’s empowerment—perfect for Mother’s Day.

Shop | $58

4. Opalite Roller Set | Native Nectar Botanicals

Encourage a little self care this year with this stunning opalite roller and Gua Sha facial massage set. Both beautiful and useful, these pieces serve as a lovely reminder to take a few moments of pampering each day. This set pairs well with your mom’s favorite moisturizer or serum!

Shop | $52

5. Liberte Pot Candle | Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle’s poured-to-order essential oil-scented candles make for a classic Mother’s Day gift—plus, they give back! This social enterprise supports and employs women refugees and artisans who are building a brighter future for themselves and their families through candle-making. When the candle has burned down, they’ve included wildflower paper so you can plant and use the vessel for a flower pot. 

Shop | $28

6. Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion | Herbivore Botanicals

Brighten your mom’s day—and her skin, too—with this pampering all-natural exfoliating serum from Herbivore Botanicals. Their all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare is a staff favorite, and always adds a bit of luxury to our daily routines.

Shop | $62

7. Scent Experience | Skylar

Perfumes make for a thoughtful gift, but can be difficult to find the perfect one. Skylar, an all-natural perfume brand, makes choosing easy by offering a palette of their six classic scents. Then, when she’s found her favorite, there’s an included gift card that covers the cost and shipping of a 1.7 ounce full size bottle.

Shop | $78

8. Every Mother Counts Bouquet | Farmgirl Flowers

This orange rose bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers takes the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet a step further: a portion of this purchase benefits Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers everywhere. Plus, Farmgirl Flowers sources primarily from USA growers, and only international growers that meet their fair workplace standards.

Shop | $89

9. Organic White Tea | Bon Temps

We love consumable gifts, because that means less “stuff” gets put away in closets to collect dust. This organic white tea from Bon Temps is light and floral, which makes it perfect for springtime sipping. Bon Temps uses no artificial flavors, pesticides, or bleaches in their products, and they help fund women-owned ventures.

Shop | $16

10. Zero Waste Starter Kit | Package-Free Shop

What’s more meaningful than bringing your family along on your journey towards more sustainable living? Treat mom to a zero-waste kit that she can keep at home or on-the-go. This gift pairs well with afternoons at the farmer’s market and weekends spent camping at your closest state park.

Shop | $59

11. Heirloom Tomatoes Collection | Seed Savers Exchange

Whether your mom is an avid gardener already, or is inspired to grow a little of her own food this year, this heirloom tomato seed collection will have her excited to get growing. By growing heirloom seeds, you help preserve these six varieties of tomatoes for generations to come.

Shop | $23

12. Subscription Box | Love Goodly

LOVE GOODLY is changing the game for subscription boxes. Every other month, your mother will receive a box of nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty, skincare, home, and/or style products for her to discover new favorites. You can even buy individual boxes! If she finds something she loves, LOVE GOODLY has an online marketplace to shop all the products in their boxes.

Shop | Starting at $32

13. Frances Duster | Whimsy + Row

This classic duster will be a go-to favorite for years to come, whether it’s dressed up, belted, or thrown on at the last minute while mom is heading out the door. We love this stunning topaz yellow linen, and we love that this garment is sustainably-made from deadstock materials in Los Angeles even more.

Shop | $128

14. Petite Ceramic Cups Gift Box | The Little Market

Whether it’s for tea, water, cocktails, or even a windowsill herb garden, these sweet white and gold ceramics will bring cheerfulness to any home. The Little Market is a nonprofit organization helping empower women around the world through fair trade principles—these cups are handmade by women at Chabi Chic in Morocco.

Shop | $66

15. Honey Bee Confections | Theo Chocolate

Remind your mother how sweet she is with this seven-piece confection box from Theo Chocolate! Each piece is made with raw honey from The Urban Bee Company, an organization that’s helping preserve bee health through community education. Plus, Theo is dedicated to using organic and fair trade ingredients, so these treats will help fairly employ people around the world.

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