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We’ve researched and tested dozens of filtered shower heads —these are our top picks that are effective, easy to use, and help us save water.

If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin or scalp, eczema, or brittle strands, hard water may be to blame. Most of the US water supply is considered “hard water,” aka water with extra minerals. While not all minerals in hard water are dangerous, there is the potential for contaminants like heavy metals. You’ll often see those same effects of hard water in our skin, hair, and even build-up in the shower.

What are the benefits of a filtered shower head? 

One easy way to reduce hard water is by shifting to a filtered shower head. Filtered shower heads use Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)—otherwise known as a zinc or copper filter—to get rid of contaminants and only pass through clear, clean water instead. 

Some studies suggest that minerals in shower water might contribute to dryness and irritation, and shower head filters can help remove these and other chemicals that are harsh on your skin and hair. Filtering these elements out can leave your skin feeling smoother and your hair looking shinier. Plus, if you live in an area with hard water (that’s water with a high mineral content), a filtered shower head that softens water can help reduce hard water damage to your hair and skin. While research on the effectiveness of filtered shower heads is still ongoing, many users swear by them for improving their overall shower experience and water quality.

If you’re looking to make the switch, we’ve rounded up five great options worth trying. Some are full shower heads while others are filters you can add onto your existing shower head—and some even reduce our daily water use or improve water pressure. Reap both the wellness and sustainability benefits—and enjoy softer, more nourished, and shinier skin and hair along the way. 🚿

Our criteria

  • EFFECTIVE FILTRATION | These filtered shower heads effectively filter out harsh chemicals, heavy chemicals, and help soften hard water, for healthier and softer skin and hair. 
  • WATER USAGE | We’ve prioritized lower flow filtered shower heads to help reduce our water consumption and prevent unnecessary water waste.
  • EASY TO USE | Each of these filtered shower heads fit standard showers, are easy to install, offer filter subscriptions, and look aesthetically pleasing, making it an upgrade your and your skin will appreciate for years to come!

Be sure to take your skin and hair care to the next level with these humidifiers, plastic-free water filters, and air purifiers that will keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and free of irritants!  

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Lowest Water Consumption

1. Berkey

American made
Family owned
Natural materials

Best For | Affordability
Notable Specs | Individual filter, pairs with existing shower head if preferred, lasts up to one year, DIY installation
Price | $50

Not interested in replacing the entire showerhead? Try out Berkey’s Shower Filter, which can be used in conjunction with your existing hardware (though you can also add a shower head on for just $10 more!). Starting at $50, this affordable filter packs a mighty punch—it’ll reduce scale build-up in the shower as well as chlorine and vapor inhalation. And it’s long-lasting too, a singular filter lasts up to 20,000 gallons (or one year’s worth of showers). As for the filter, it’s a patented blend of zinc, calcium, and copper. Support this family-owned, American-made business from Colorado, and enjoy squeaky clean H2O.

Berkey Review | “This is the second Berkey shower filter I have purchased. It’s the best filter I have ever used! My hair and skin feel softer and smoother. I also know that I don’t have chlorine reaching my body or chlorine fumes in the shower with me. That’s comforting. I also like that I have the ability to backflush the filter to prevent it from plugging up. That’s a very positive feature. Easy installation. I didn’t even need to use plumbers’ tape when installing. No leaks. I’m extremely satisfied with this filter and will purchase it again.” – Gail C. (See all reviews)

2. Afina

Small business

Best For | Healthy skin & hair
Notable Specs | Two colors, exceeds NSF-177 certifications, powerful filtration particles, filters last 90 days, lifetime warranty, DIY installation
Price | $199; discounted subscriptions filters available

Say goodbye to dry skin and dull hair with Afina’s A-01 Filtered Shower Head! Up to 98% of shower water contains chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemicals that build up on your body—thankfully, Afina effectively filters these out! Crafted to eliminate impurities, chlorine, harsh chemicals, and heavy metals, this custom filtration system will elevate your daily shower routine. Plus, customers swear by it – think reduced acne, thicker, smoother hair, and even less hair shedding. With its perfect water pressure and compact size, this filtered shower head is a win in our books. 

Afina Review | “Guys… Seriously, this showerhead is insane. I’ve only had it for a week, and I’m already seeing such a huge difference. Usually, I skip conditioner in the shower and just use leave-in, but with my old shower head, my hair would be a tangled mess. Now, I can actually run my fingers through it because it’s so soft. It’s way less frizzy and has fewer flyaways—it’s just so soft! My hair used to be so dry that I felt like I couldn’t do anything with it. Plus, I’ve noticed my skin feels super soft too, just like others have mentioned.” – Hannah R. (See all reviews)

3. Canopy

Natural materials
Plastic/Pfas free
Small business

Best For | A relaxing experience (with aroma!)
Notable Specs | Four colors, three-stream settings, 3-stage filter, aroma included, filters last 90 days, DIY installation
Price | $150; discounted subscriptions with new filters available

Upgrade your daily shower into a soothing spa-like ritual with Canopy’s Filtered Showerhead. Available in four colors, you can opt for the showerhead alone or add a filter or aroma/filter subscription for a discounted price. While the filter itself uses a mix of granular activated carbon, KDF-55, and calcium sulfite, there’s also a space on the shower head for a felt diffuser—so you can use essential oils and aromas simultaneously. (Eucalyptus oil for us, thanks!) You can even adjust between three stream settings to match your mood. Easy to install, even easier to use, and effective from the first wash, you’ll see why this filtered shower head has a five-star rating. If not, you can use Canopy’s 60-day Happiness Guarantee for your money back.

Canopy Review | “As I age, my skin is drying out. I have eczema and alopecia areata. Since purchasing the canopy shower head, things have drastically improved. It’s truly worth the cost. Thank you, Canopy.❤️” – Vicki (See all reviews)

4. Jolie

Natural materials
Recycled materials
Small business

Best For | Chlorine & heavy metals
Notable Specs | Five colors, includes replacement filter (lasts 90 days), DIY installation, biodegradable packaging
Price | $165; discounted subscriptions with new filters available

When it comes to your hair and skin, clean water can make all the difference; that’s the premise behind Jolie’s filtered showerhead. Dubbed the “essential beauty wellness tool,” the showerhead easily filters for chlorine or heavy metals for the purest water. The filter itself is a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and calcium sulfite, so it doesn’t just meet the standard certifications—it far outpaces them. Beyond its efficacy, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and available in five beautiful colors. Opt for a subscription starting at $148 that includes a filter subscription every 90 days ($33 for each one after your initial purchase) or the standard one-time purchase with one filter. If you don’t see a difference in your skin or hair within two months, Jolie will offer you a full refund.

Jolie Review | “I’ve recently noticed my face has been more dry and red (especially being outside in the cold a lot for work) since moving to a new apartment building a few weeks ago. I’m healthy, exercise, eat clean, take daily vitamins etc and knew there had to be some underlying factor that was affecting my skin. Finally I realized it was the water. Installed the Jolie and after the first shower noticed instant results – softer skin, reduced redness, better complexion… Couldn’t believe it. Highly recommend it.” – Sam (See all reviews)

5. Hello Klean

Natural materials
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | 2x the pressure
Notable Specs | Two models (shower head or filter), saves 25% of water, FSC certified & recycled packaging, filters last 90 days, DIY installation
Price | $87; discounted subscriptions with new filters available

If you’re one of the millions of people out there dealing with hard water, Hello Klean is here to help with its shower care essentials. Recommended and reviewed by the likes of CNN, Women’s Health, and Good Housekeeping, this handy brand filters your water in one of two ways—either via a shower filter or a purifying shower head. (Then, if you’re inclined, you can also stock up on some of its clarifying and nourishing hair care products as a one-stop shop.) The Purifying Shower Head leverages a two-step filtration process while boosting your water pressure along the way—the filter comprises the standard KDF-55, amino acid, and an activated carbon fiber. Then, when you’re done, you can compost or recycle all the materials from the cartridge to the carton. Say goodbye to dry skin and crisp hair once and for all.

Hello Klean Review | “Truly great products and they do help you with hard water issues. Just after the first use, I could feel and see the difference. I recommend them if you have such issues.” – Ana L. (See all reviews)



Climate neutral
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Sustainability & saving on water
Notable Specs | 2 “flow rate” choices, handheld feature, six colors, Bluetooth connection, customizable LED lights, different water pressure & sprays, DIY installation
Price | $199

It’s about time that smart technology reached our bathrooms, thanks to Hai. While not a filtered showerhead, the Hai Smart Showerhead uses Bluetooth technology and a free app to make your shower as personalized (and sustainable) as possible. Its design is impressive—from the customizable LED lights that’ll let you know if you’ve exceeded your target water limit or if your water’s warm enough, to the various spray settings—and you can also track your environmental impact! Plus, you’ll offset the carbon footprint over its lifetime, the packaging is recyclable, and shipping is carbon-neutral, too. Choose from six fun colors, your preferred “flow rate” for water, and enjoy free shipping and free returns.

Hai Review | “I didn’t know I needed hai in my life until now. I already have anxiety about showering in places where I can’t use my beloved mist setting. If you want a showerhead that creates a spa-like experience, helps you save water, and looks super cute while doing it, then it’s time to get hai.” – Natasha Weiss, editor at The Good Trade (Read the full review)

Featured image is from Hello Klean