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When it comes to lipstick, we all know we can’t just have one. On certain days, I feel adventurous and ready to wear bold, pigmented reds and magentas, but other days all I’m looking for is an easy-to-apply neutral tone. We tested the best natural and organic lipsticks on the market to see which ones hold up to their promises of clean standards and performance—and they delivered. Below, you’ll find our ten tested favorites and which uses we’d most recommend each brand for.

Each of these lipstick brands is committed to organic & natural ingredients, ethical practices, and eco-friendly packaging. By using pure ingredients, the natural healing properties of various enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants help with healthy skin, too. For even more long-lasting natural lip products, check out these lip glosses and lip balms (or do a full face of sustainable makeup!) No matter what you pick, you’ll adore the all-natural formulas and stunning colors. 💋

Best Overall | Most Sustainable | Most Pigmented

1. Well People

Best For | Affordable lipstick
Natural Ingredients | Organic castor seed oil, sunflower seed wax, cupuacu butter
Price Range | $15–$16

You’d never believe Well People‘s lipstick is the most affordable on this list—developed by dermatologists, the Optimist Vegan Lipstick takes my number one spot thanks to its affordability, quality, and brilliant color. This rich lippie goes on and stays on, even after a day of wear. As it fades it leaves behind color, keeping your lips pigmented; have a gloss on hand if you want to keep the look going strong without having to reapply the full lipstick (if you have shaky hands or no mirror, the lipstick may be hard to apply on-the-go). We love that Well People is Fair Trade and Cruelty-Free Certified, and you can even click on each listed ingredient for further information about what it is and why it’s included in the lipstick.


Best For | Pigmented lipstick
Natural Ingredients | Organic castor seed oil, apricot seed oil, mango seed butter
Price Range | $26–$28

ILIA’s handcrafted high-impact lipstick offers four times more pigment than any other lipstick the brand has ever created. With the color carried by organic castor seed oil, it you’ll get both full and lasting coverage with one smooth application. Plus, the inclusion of apricot seed oil nourishes and softens the lips—but doesn’t leave your lips oily or cause a lot of feathering. I especially love the Flame color (on the right below); it’s a bright red-orange that pops perfectly!

3. Juice Beauty

Best For | Liquid lipstick
Natural Ingredients | Organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, and more ingredients from the brand’s farm
Price Range | $22–$25

How has no one ever told me about liquid lipsticks? Juice Beauty‘s glossy and pigmented liquid lips are the perfect in-between of gloss and lipstick and I adore them. The lip crayons are easy to hold and apply with precision, and build beautifully depending on what type of look you’re going for. Juice Beauty gets my highest score for easiest-to-apply and I’ll be carrying these most frequently in my pockets and purses! Plus, the brand uses cruelty-free, organic ingredients, and uses plant-derived pigments for all their colors so you can skip the artificial dyes.

4. Axiology

Best For | Zero waste lipstick
Natural Ingredients | Organic castor, sunflower, and hemp seed oils, no palm oil or fragrances
Price Range | $24

Axiology is on a mission to tackle the plastic problem—the brand’s multisticks and balmies offer shimmer and color without the excess packaging. Axiology’s multi-use cosmetics are also vegan, cruelty free, and made in Bend, Oregon, USA. I love both the color cream for its pigment and the tinted dew for an all-over glow with a touch of color (I especially love Axiology multi sticks for traveling light!) If you have extra sensitive skin, note that some products contain coconut oil so keep an eye on the ingredients lists! Pro tip: Keep the balmies and sticks in cool, dry conditions, and if you need to retract the stick, just press down with your lips! 😘

5. 100% PURE

Best For | Range of colors
Natural Ingredients | Organic cocoa butter, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, pigments come from fruit
Price Range | $26–$28

If I had one word to describe 100% PURE‘s lipsticks it would be delightful. From the colors to the formulations, these are so much fun to apply and wear. For a matte look you can snag the cocoa butter matte, or for a silky (and ultra nourishing) swipe, the pomegranate oil lipstick is the way to go. Both versions are like skincare for your lips, and are cruelty-free, vegan, and pigmented with fruits instead of artificial colors! I’m admittedly excited about the Barbie movie releasing this year; and the pomegranate oil lipstick in Magnolia and matte lip in Prickly Pear make me feel like the iconic doll herself. The one downside was this is the only product that came wrapped in plastic—it could be a product safety or standards thing, but still worth a mention.

6. RMS Beauty

Best For | Skin-healthy ingredients
Natural Ingredients | Organic castor seed oil, organic carnauba wax, organic cocoa seed butter, more organic and wildcrafted ingredients
Price Range | $24–$30

I nearly melted the first time I applied a lipstick from RMS Beauty—the color is consistent, pigmented, and produces the prettiest satin finish (I only swiped once on my hand for each shade below, so satisfying!) RMS Beauty’s lip products are nontoxic and help to heal and nourish the skin. Every lip ingredient is used in its raw, organic state which allows natural living attributes to rejuvenate and refresh your lips (or cheeks!). You’ll adore the versatility of the Lip2Cheek product, which is a moisturizing, multi-purpose product with stunning results. I also loved testing out the lip pencil and liplights combo, which had me feeling like an artist while I applied it and I loved the perfectly glossy finish (I’ve always been a lipgloss girl 💋).

7. Jones Road

Best For | Best multi-sticks
Natural Ingredients | Castor seed oil
Price Range | $22–$34

Started by the one and only Bobbi Brown, Jones Road’s founding philosophy is to make clean cosmetics that don’t sacrifice on performance. The product variety was one of my favorite aspects of testing Jones Road lip products—from the minimalist, buildable multi-stick to the maximalist pigmented lip tint (which is basically the perfect combination of lipstick and lipgloss). I will say you have to be a bit careful with the packaging and make sure your sticks are fully sheathed before putting on the cap—I kept denting my lip tints with the metal edge of the caps. You can read another take here on our Jones Road review.

8. Cheekbone Beauty

Best For | Matte lipstick
Natural Ingredients | Consciously sourced shea butter, castor seed oil
Price Range | $19–$28

Cheekbone Beauty‘s lip products will make you smile even before you put it on thanks to the bright pink packaging and even bolder pigments. This Indigenous-founded brand creates clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products that celebrate its Anishinaabe roots. You’ll see it come across in their packaging, social media, and even the names of each shade! Cheekbone Beauty also gives back to Indigenous-centered causes and aims to increase Indigenous visibility in the beauty world. The lipstick is perfect for a matte finish, and the gloss comes in cute subtle shades that give a touch of color without a sticky feeling. Keep this brand on your watchlist—they’re launching refills for their lip products soon!

9. Kosas

Best For | Long lasting color
Natural Ingredients | Castor seed oil, candelilla wax, cocoa seed butter
Price Range | $22–$28

For lip colors that last and formulations that are comfortable on sensitive skin, Kosas has long been one of our team’s favorite makeup brands. The brand only uses skin-improving and effective ingredients like active botanical oils and butters, and adhere to the EU, Credo, and Sephora clean standards (banning over 2,700 concerning ingredients including parabens and phthalates!) Each shade of the weightless lipstick comes in its own unique finish, to complement the color and how it shows up on your skin. The colors are so pretty and I’m especially over the moon about the magenta and red Violet Fury shade. Bonus rec: I always keep one of Kosas’s hyaluronic lip balms in my desk drawer for just the right amount of coverage throughout the day.

10. Beautycounter

Best For | Swipeable and subtle shimmer
Natural Ingredients | Sustainably sourced jojoba esters, ECOCERT-certified organic vanilla, castor seed oil
Price Range | $32–$35

Beautycounter, a certified B Corp, aims “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” Its lovely lipsticks provide subtle, natural shine without the stickiness—making them the perfect lippies for folks who want a luxurious feel but aren’t looking for super strong pigment. If you look closely on the swatch photo below, you’ll see a subtly shimmery shade called “Pearl” that’ll be my go-to for quick highlights (on my cheeks too). These lightweight shades are also packaged in a magnetic container which is easy to open and close. I’ll note this brand won’t be everyone’s flavor, as Beautycounter partially under an MLM business model, although you can also purchase directly online if that’s your preference. Our team appreciates Beautycounter’s dedication to safety, beauty education and advocacy, and cruelty-free methods—read more about our experience with the brand on our Beautycounter review!

Featured image from Kosas