Not So Fishy

Omega supplements seem to always be at the forefront when discussing supplements that aid in our health. For years, I heard about this mystical supplement but never really took the time to research what omegas actually do for the body. I had also eliminated omegas from my diet when I stopped eating meat and almost all dairy (occasionally I will eat some fish), but the thought of taking “fish oil” every day kind of grossed me out, to be honest.

As someone who consumes an almost solely plant-based diet, I have had to be very in-tune with what nutrients my body needs and notice if I’m lacking certain things. Recently, I noticed my normally long and strong nails were breaking, and discovered the connection between omegas and hair, skin, and nail health. In search of plant-based omegas to fit my dietary needs, I ended up purchasing this 100% vegan, micro-algae based omega supplement.

I have been taking it once a day in the mornings for about two months now and truly feel a huge difference in my skin, hair, and nails. My normal oily/combination skin seems more glowy and less irritated overall. My nails are as strong and long as ever and my hair has also grown. I’ve also noticed a shift in my mental clarity—I’ve been feeling more alert and focused ever since I started taking it. Other fish oil supplements I have taken typically have a fishy smell, with this one there is still a slight smell but not as dramatic. Unlike other omega supplements though, it’s comforting knowing it’s seaweed (not fish) that’s causing the smell.

What do omega fatty acids do?

Omegas have been studied for years for their numerous health benefits. Studies have found that with consistent consumption of omegas, symptoms of depression, anxiety, inflammation, and a vast variety of other health conditions can be significantly reduced.

Under the umbrella of omega fatty acids, there are 11 different types but out of those 11, there are three that are the most common: ALA, EPA, and DHA.

  • ALA is found in plants such as dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, along with seeds like chia and flax.

  • EPA helps to reduce inflammation in the body and is most often found in fish oil but is also found in algae. Because EPA helps inflammation in the body (this includes the brain), it also helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • DHA is a compound that helps with brain function and can actually reduce the onset of Alzheimer's disease. DHA is typically found in fish but is also in algae.

We are told that the best way for us to consume omegas is from fish oil, however we can get the same benefits from plants like algae, flax oil, hemp seeds, chia, and even brussels sprouts to name a few.

Below are five omega supplements that are not only vegan but also made sustainably and ethically to deliver our bodies pure omegas from the magic of plants.

1. NuTru

Price | $23.99
Recommended Product | O-Mega-Zen 3

The main omega compounds found in O-Mega-Zen 3 are EPA and DHA. NuTru’s omega formula is derived from a rich marine algal oil, and is delivered in a plant-based capsule. NuTru is dedicated to the environmentally-conscious production of their algae through micro-culturing in controlled, clean conditions.

2. Flora

Price | $26
Recommended Product | Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 Blend

Flora makes a variety of vegan omega supplements and they are highly transparent about their manufacturing process. This supplement is specifically made with omegas 3 and 6 from entirely plant-based and organic unrefined oils like flax, sunflower, sesame, evening primrose, coconut, rice bran, and many more.

3. Nordic Naturals

Price | $51.95
Recommended Product | Algae Omega

Nordic Naturals makes fish oils with strict FOS-certified standards, along with being highly committed to low-impact, earth-friendly practices—and now they offer a Vegetarian-Certified supplement as well. Their Algae Omega supplement is made entirely from sustainably-sourced micro-algae offering a high dose of omega 3.

4. Garden Of Life

Price | $24.73
Recommended Product | Minami Algae Omega 3 Vegan DHA

Garden Of Life is dedicated to slow manufacturing processes for their food-based supplements, and they are transparent about their organic manufacturing standards. This is another vegan marine-algae omega 3 supplement with a focus on the DHA compound.

5. Ora Organics

Price | $69.39
Recommended Product | Nothing Fishy Here Omega 3 Spray

This is a wonderful alternative for the vegans who do not want to take pills. This spray is made with highly-concentrated, sustainably-sourced micro-algae that is free from mercury, pesticides, and heavy metals. It also contains MCT oil derived from coconut and sunflower oils that helps the omegas deliver faster to the brain. Ora Organics is dedicated to creating plant-based supplements that are pure and free from synthetics.

These are just a few of the many brands creating vegan alternatives to omegas that prove we can receive our nutrients outside of animal byproducts.

If you have any vegan omega products or resources that have been helpful for you, please share in the comments below!


Courtney Jay Higgins is the Associate Editor at The Good Trade. She is also a Yoga Instructor, vegetarian, wellness and fashion enthusiast. Originally from Colorado, her soul found California when she came to get her degree in Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising. She has a background in telling a story through writing, creative direction and content creation. Check out her blog and Instagram for her unique perspective on the mergence of fashion and spirituality.